During the day I manage a cinema and co-manage a family.
At night I paint minis, play games of all kinds (mostly RPGs), cook, watch weird movies, read speculative fiction, listen to punk & lofi while dreaming of a better world. I'm also into comics, photography and free culture.

@gunnar welcome to! It's a bummer you haven't been able to GM for a while, but talking about games can sometimes help scratch the itch :)

@rimraf Thanks! Yeah, I find talking helps with the itch. Talking usually helps with a lot of things 😀​

@gunnar Painting minis and weird movies are my jams, got and film recommendations?

@paintandwires Cool! Love that Mastodon has become a lot more varied in people and interests since last time I used it!

The last film I watched that I found pretty weird was A Field in England. It was definitely not a film for the masses :-) Don't know if I liked it myself, but that is often the case with weird movies. What are your favorites?

@gunnar OH, I've passed by A Field in England on Shudder, maybe I should check it out! My favorites.. hard to pick. Death Bed: The Bed that Eats has to be up there. The American Astronaut, though perhaps that's more silly than weird. The Australian gross out film Body Melt. Spanish horror comedy The Day of the Beast. True Stories, The City of Lost Children, Uzumaki, Save the Green Planet. Hands down weirdest watch from the past few months was Lisztomania.

@paintandwires Nice ones! I love The American Astronaut despite its obvious flaws, and both The City of Lost Children and Save the Green Planet are great. Some of my favorites have to be Survive Style 5+, Angel's Egg, Rubber, Mandy and Troll Hunter.

@gunnar I feel like I'm the only person that didn't like Mandy! It had the same problem as Beyond the Black Rainbow to me, in that it set up all sorts of interesting things and then just ignored them to become a standard revenge film and a standard slasher, respectively. XD Survive Style 5+ is one of those films that I haven't seen yet, but I know I'm missing out!

@paintandwires I' haven't seen Beyond the Black Rainbow, but I see what you mean nonetheless. I kind of like standard revenge films though so combined with the aesthetics Mandy managed to hit most of the right spots for me. Just watched Dolemite Is My Name! Pretty good!

@gunnar I'm not sure if it would be worth a watch for you (I liked the first half a LOT), but the soundtrack is extremely good and worth checking out. Dolemite Is My Name was good fun! I ended up running out and watching a few Rudy Ray Moore films after. Our tastes might not match up 100%, but you're clearly full of fun movie knowledge.

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