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Two years since I did an .

In my professional life I've previously run a dvd-store and failed at streaming services. At the moment I'm going old-school and manage a .

In my spare time I co-manage a family, play , read and and I love games (/ / ). I'm also into , , and .

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We're all going to have to invoice Hasbro for all the extra time we've spent talking about beholders this month.

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I wrote a second article on the OGL crisis today, talking about the news of the last week and a half: leak confirmation, industry responses, new FRPGs, new licenses, and finally a totally inadequate response from Wizards of the Coast themselves.

#RPGHistory #OGL #WotC

I'm not up to speed, but Ginny Di is my new hero. I love how actual consumers, players and small publishers have real impact.

So, because of the -debacle, and the Wizards of the Hoax, should I download my entire drivethrurpg-library or is it safe to wait? I haven't really got the time to do it in an orderly fashion right now.

My brother wants to join and I want him to choose an interesting . His interests are mainly , and musical styles like , and . Any suggestions?

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Last week, Gizmodo's Linda Codega caught a fantastic scoop - a leaked report of #Hasbro's plan to revoke the decades-old #OpenGamingLicense, which subsidiary #WizardsOfTheCoast promulgated as an allegedly #open sandbox for people seeking to extend, remix or improve #DungeonsAndDragons:


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Looking for fantastic tabletop RPGs NOT based on the Open Game License / D&D? Check out the Non-OGL Fantasy offer at #BundleOfHolding through 16 Jan:

The Dark Eye
Advanced Fighting Fantasy 2E
Heroes Against Darkness
The Oldskull Manifesto

Worlds Without Number Deluxe
Sword Chronicle
Warlock! Traitor's Edition
Fantasy AGE
Against the Darkmaster

Help spread the word. ❤️
#ogl #DnD #ttrpg

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#andor is a show for our time and people are sleeping on it. I still don’t even know how the soul sucking monster corpo Disney even allowed it to be made. It’s so utterly and LOUDLY anti-fascist.

I’m so used to watching shows and movies that are full of problematic ideology and for the first time ever I am seeing something true and real in Andor. 11/10 stars and for the love of anarchy watch it for a cathartic moment.

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So many people are having a bad first experience with Mastodon because they're using the official app which is lacking features, doesn't allow image uploads randomly, has random slowness, and doesn't give you easy access to the two most active feeds where you can find people (Local and Federated).

Please switch to Metatext, Tusky, or Tooot for a better mobile experience (or even use a browser).

Out of the >15k users that joined this week, over 11k are on the official apps.

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Did you know Erol Otis got his start with #Arduin Grimoire by Dave Hargrave? We all know who he went on to be, countless classic covers.

Erol is on board to do the covers for the next generation of Arduin Bloody Arduin coming out soon!

Emperor's Choice Games has already published tons of never before seen Dave Hargrave material, including dungeons and campaigns, and there is a bunch more on the way.

I'm stoked my favorite old system is coming back to life!

#ttrpg #osr

I suddenly discovered that Richard Stanley's excellent Hardware (1990) is completely free and legal to watch on YouTube.

Dystopian and cyberpunkish in the cross section between The Terminator, Mad Max and Tetsuo. Complete with Gwar, Iggy Pop and Motörhead on the soundtrack as well as in small roles in the movie. Enjoy!

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Back in the G+ days, I would occasionally—usually after a convention—do these posts where I would invite everyone interested in #ttrpg design who wanted to follow other folks interested in #ttrpgs to reply.

And then you could dig through the replies to find new friends and compatriots.

It was a bit sloppy, with no guarantees, but did help people meet each other.

Perhaps that is unnecessary here, and I don't have the reach I once had, but we can give it a shot!

I'm too fond of my own bed to truly appreciate travelling.

Folks, you should all have at least a portrait, a bio, a pinned and a few public toots. I don't follow back if you lack any of these, and sometimes I might even block you.

Watching The Rings of Power and happy to see that so far they are channeling more Ian Miller than Peter Jackson. Good start to the series!

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