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During the day I manage a cinema and co-manage a family.
At night I paint minis, play games of all kinds (mostly RPGs), cook, watch weird movies, read speculative fiction, listen to punk & lofi while dreaming of a better world. I'm also into comics, photography and free culture.

I'm reading Ultraviolet Grasslands and somehow I think this paragraph sums up better than anything.

I've been thinking about multi-classing in / , and I have some difficulty with when this becomes a problem with balance. If the player gets to divide earned xp freely between classes the character will not be more powerful than her equals after level 1. Ie it is at the first level this is a real issue? Or am I wrong?

A long time ago, in fact it might have been on the old G+, someone posted a map where many of the important modules/settings were represented. My google-fu don't really come up with anything. Maybe someone here have a link or a copy?

Don Herzfeldt has released his amazing It's Such a Beautiful Day for free as long as the world is quarantined. Don't miss this perfect film for the time we are experiencing. Via Twitter to Vimeo.

So I caved in and bought the the Digital Tabletop 2 deal at and got Slay the Spire as part of the bundle. After playing it for a couple of hours I'm blown away at how fun it is! A perfect mix of a deck-builder and roguelike it is very challenging and rewarding. I would appreciate a little more variety in the point-crawl but that is really just nitpicking. Anyone know if this is planned as a real physical game? I would be all over it.

Just finished watching the Netflix show I Am Not Okay with This and it was awesome! The show has been somehow compared to Stranger Things, but to my mind it is more a perfect blend of Freaks & Geeks and Stephen King's Carrie.

Anyone have experience with changing their e-mail address at Kickstarter and DrivethruRPG at the same time? Will this affect the delivery of digital RPG-content?

If you need just one music video depicting a boycycle and girlscooter this is the one.

Played today for the first time in a couple of weeks. Now every muscle in my body hurts and I think I've broken something important in my hip.

My next character will be named Alf.

Alf the Half-Alf.

Right now this is nothing but 50 shades of brown. Hopefully he will get a little more character and colour this evening.

In combat is defined as "Roll under Attack, opposed by the enemy’s Defense, to hit." The formula are (10 + level) + (10 - (10 + def)) where 10 is base defense and def is the defenders bonus (armour, magic, conditions etc.). This seems like it could be simplified to (10 + level) - def or am I missing something crucial?

Almost once every year I get it into my head that I would like to learn new computer skills. Today I've started fiddling with Python. What experience I have with coding is limited to a half year class of Simula in the 90's, lots of HTML/CSS about 15 years ago and some fiddling with LaTex and Markdown. Usually life or other inconveniences get in the way before I accomplish anything useful though. Wish me luck.

I've been trying to find an online version of Labyrinth Lord Turn Tracker after reading about it several places, but my search-fu is kind of weak. Anyone got a link to it?

Amazing view from my cabin window today. I'm definitely going skiing!

What would a free-form, invite chatroom built on the @write_as editor look like? Try it out with our newest Glitch app powered by TogetherJS!

Have you ever sent a fax?

[feel free to boost this to maximize response.]

Are you interested in a federated alternative to Goodreads that doesn't use Amazon?

because I'm making a federated alternative to Goodreads that doesn't use Amazon

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