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During the day I manage a cinema and co-manage a family.
At night I paint minis, play games of all kinds (mostly RPGs), cook, watch weird movies, read speculative fiction, listen to punk & lofi while dreaming of a better world. I'm also into comics, photography and free culture.

Family quickly rolled up OSE-characters today. The party of three consist of a witch, a halfling in a robo-suit and a cleric. Any suggestions on a good low level module that is kid-friendly? Bonus if it is action-packed.

Sometimes I watch reviews and content about boardgames on youtube, and more often than not I'm irritated about praise without critique. These two guys are kind of different. You need to like pretty long and deep conversations though.

Adventure Lookup is a pretty good resource. I especially like to filter on environment and common monsters.

Today I made perfect beef stew and the world's best mashed potatoes.

Another game that I've read recently and think is bloody brilliant is . The only thing think that could have made it perfect is an overview/example on how to play, or possibly either a recipe for creating your own scenarios, or an example starting scenario. The rulebook is FANTASTIC though. Given that it is labeled as a sci-fi horror rpg a few guidelines on how tp actually run through a scenario would elevate the game

I adore but it's got two fundemental flaws: spells and patrons. The problem is not the rules, which IMHO is pretty perfect, but the creation of both is too time-consuming to entice further development.

I love the Old-School Essentials and this is a perfect introduction to why you should love it too.

I enjoy creating characters for RPGs both to grok the system and for fun. Today I rolled up a Noble Expert for Stars Without Number.

Stars Without Number doesn't feel lightweight when you read it, but after creating this character I believe I could jump right in.

Anyone proficient with setting up a Jekyll-powered website for github? I've made some progress but I really don't understand where I should put my images, both for structure and blog posts. All help appreciated.

I love how the Switch has become a cornucopia for pixel art games. My current obsession is Mana Spark which is really difficult, kind of repetetive, but also totally addictive.

I find myself more drawn towards solo and two-player boardgames lately. Maybe I'm finally catching up with the times.

I'm reading Ultraviolet Grasslands and somehow I think this paragraph sums up better than anything.

I've been thinking about multi-classing in / , and I have some difficulty with when this becomes a problem with balance. If the player gets to divide earned xp freely between classes the character will not be more powerful than her equals after level 1. Ie it is at the first level this is a real issue? Or am I wrong?

A long time ago, in fact it might have been on the old G+, someone posted a map where many of the important modules/settings were represented. My google-fu don't really come up with anything. Maybe someone here have a link or a copy?

Don Herzfeldt has released his amazing It's Such a Beautiful Day for free as long as the world is quarantined. Don't miss this perfect film for the time we are experiencing. Via Twitter to Vimeo.

So I caved in and bought the the Digital Tabletop 2 deal at and got Slay the Spire as part of the bundle. After playing it for a couple of hours I'm blown away at how fun it is! A perfect mix of a deck-builder and roguelike it is very challenging and rewarding. I would appreciate a little more variety in the point-crawl but that is really just nitpicking. Anyone know if this is planned as a real physical game? I would be all over it.

Just finished watching the Netflix show I Am Not Okay with This and it was awesome! The show has been somehow compared to Stranger Things, but to my mind it is more a perfect blend of Freaks & Geeks and Stephen King's Carrie.

Anyone have experience with changing their e-mail address at Kickstarter and DrivethruRPG at the same time? Will this affect the delivery of digital RPG-content?

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