I'm sitting here "watching" 2008's Journey to the Center of the Earth. Not the one with Brendan Frasier, the other one... It's truly... Something. But hey, it passes the Bechtel test in the first 5 minutes. Now if I with mild face blindness could just distinguish between the 4 generically attractive brunettes with generic California accents in grey tank top with black BDU pants and jungle boots...

Oh good, one of the brunettes has died, and one of them is wearing glasses now, so it's only stressed out captain trying to keep them all alive, and asshole who refuses to follow orders but has her squadmates best interests at heart who are impossible to tell apart.

Oh and they've added a second blonde, but she's a weird orally fixated scientist in a black tank top and gray jumpsuit pants, so it's easy to differentiate her from the other blonde who is in the grey top and black BDUs.

I'm pretty sure she chewed through that pen though.

They brought a spider back with them through the teleporter! Oh noes!

Ok, that was hilariously bad. Like borderline Troma. I'm glad I managed to sit through it. 3 spam cans out of 5.

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