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I came here originally after the G+ shutdown, and then started watching it more after the bird sites change of ownership. But I can do another for this new wave...

I'm a software engineer and enthusiast in my day job, and an enthusiast and aspiring author in my spare time between being a to a precious 7yo and to a lovely and sufferer. I also enjoy in the summer.

Yesterday I added more than 300 more blogs to which I got from - if you want to discover new #blogs to read you might want to check out both projects.

#blogging #rss #indieweb

On a personal level, I'm also extra angry with Wizards of the Coast because I can't say "told you so!" – I had a bad feeling about the OGL and then I let it pass. I was unhappy in 2012 and let myself be hypnotised by the large crowd of happy onlookers who kept saying, nope, it's going to be great – instead of digging deeper and uncovering the festering poison hidden its depth.

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"In case you haven’t heard, we’re in a recession. Actually we’re not, but we’ve spent the last year talking about how we will be, which has the effect of altering behavior as if we were. Even if you’ve come to terms with the fundamental irrationality of the stock market, it’s still difficult to fight the feeling that CEOs are willing this recession into existence to create a justifying narrative for layoffs." #layoffs

I'm reading @appelcline 's review of the OGL situation ( ).

It is really striking how some publishers are reacting. On one hand, it sends a strong message. However, many of these moves may send very little message and hurt that small publisher. 🧵

They brought a spider back with them through the teleporter! Oh noes!

Ok, that was hilariously bad. Like borderline Troma. I'm glad I managed to sit through it. 3 spam cans out of 5.

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Oh and they've added a second blonde, but she's a weird orally fixated scientist in a black tank top and gray jumpsuit pants, so it's easy to differentiate her from the other blonde who is in the grey top and black BDUs.

I'm pretty sure she chewed through that pen though.

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Oh good, one of the brunettes has died, and one of them is wearing glasses now, so it's only stressed out captain trying to keep them all alive, and asshole who refuses to follow orders but has her squadmates best interests at heart who are impossible to tell apart.

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@montecook I know most people are talking about revokability, but something that's kept my from using the CSOL is that it lacks virality, particularly the controlled virality of the OGL v1.0a:

If I create something cool with CSOL, there's no way I can open it so that other people can use it.

The specific combination of OGC declaration + PI declaration (to protect specific IP) in OGL v1.0a is very powerful, and lacking in other open licenses.

I'm sitting here "watching" 2008's Journey to the Center of the Earth. Not the one with Brendan Frasier, the other one... It's truly... Something. But hey, it passes the Bechtel test in the first 5 minutes. Now if I with mild face blindness could just distinguish between the 4 generically attractive brunettes with generic California accents in grey tank top with black BDU pants and jungle boots...

Ugh, feeling ridiculously overwhelmed by this OGL 1.1 stuff, since it's threatening to cut off several of my favorite games at the ankles. And I'm not even honestly worried about the big one(s) that a lot of people are worried about, namely Pathfinder and 5e.

Watching, she does a great job of explaining why I find Conspiracy Theories so fascinating. "Opinions dressed up as facts" is a great way of talking about them. Which is maybe all of human thought if you really get down the philology rabbit hole, but it's still fascinating.

“The idea that the poor should have leisure has always been shocking to the rich.”
- Bertrand Russell In "Praise of Idleness and Other Essays" (1935)


There's this "daily mega dungeon challenge" to make a room a day, a floor a month, for a whole year. So I'm using it to put my cartomantic galaxy generator called to the test. Instead of making a sci-fi galaxy though, I'll be using the same system to generate a dungeon.

In this thread I'll be posting that process.

I've started doing #Sprawl23, in which I create a Cyberpunk Sprawl over the year. It's inspired by #Dungeon23, or course, and If I'd noticed the hashtag #City23, earlier I might have just used that, but I've already named my doc and everything :)

I'm using Caro Asercion's _i'm sorry did you say street magic_ ( as a framework. I'm aiming to make a Neighbourhood each week and fill each with a Landmark, Resident or Event each day.

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