"I think he said we own THAT one!"

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More work towards ongoing #ttrpg projects. Here a group of #adventurers seem to to have been gifted the documents that prove the own a #ship, only they might have got a little more than they bargained for.

I don't paint enough flying ships...

(This is the image in my intro toot, & so was a chance to address the lack of alt text for that image too.)

I did a Tarot (or more appropriately "Sorté") lay for the PCs in my game, now to write custom plots for each of them based on the cards, and figure out a way to replicate the draw at the table.

So, finished watching "Our Flag Means Death", and I'm trying to decide whether it's a Spelljammer show or a 7th Sea show. I'm leaning towards Spelljammer, but it could go either way.

Every once in a while I get this random undirected creative energy, where I want to *make* something for , but I don't have any idea of what to do with it. It's a bit frustrating.

I hope we just don't get sucked into the same five arguments over here that #ttrpg Twitter is always rotating through. Let's move on to a whole new five arguments instead.

My kiddo saw me working on a VTT map for a game in Dungeon Draft, and now they have been using it to make maps for the last 3 hours. I've now got a haunted library, a haunted cemetery, a copse of trees and a secret underground base for 5 people, all ready to be populated.

I had the pleasure of both running a playtest group with this game and playing in another playtest group and both games were brilliantly fun.

Now James' GOZR is prepping to be Kickstarted by Peter Regan / Squarehex - the same guy who prints James' Black Pudding zine and who ran my own Book of Swords campaign.

This is going to be awesome.


I've been getting a lot of impostor syndrome feelings with my Gaming recently. Not sure I'm a good GM or a good player. Of course there's no good objective measure for these things, but that doesn't stop me.

OSE Backerkit is locking down. Now I just have to find people to play OSE with ;)

I think I did an a few years ago, during the great G+ Exodus, but I'm back now. I'm a old white guy, with some of the baggage that includes, though I try to be aware of what that means to people around me. I'm a ttrpg gamer started with B/X, and I've been all over the board since then, from White Wolf to GURPs, Fiasco to Champions, and many points in between. These days I love rules light and narrative systems, but I'll play pretty much anything but Pathfinder.

Tomorrow the PCs in my Spelljammer game deal with the Eleven Imperial Navy cruiser that is bearing down on their ship. They have no idea what they might have done to piss off the elves

Making a new MotW character for an ongoing series. Trying to decide between The Expert, or The Meddling Kid. I was also vaguely toying with The Pararomantic, but I don't think I can make it fit with this table.

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