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Theory: a game can be evaluated across 3 personal vectors;

A) is it interesting (do you think about it before/during/especially afterwards)
B) is it fun? (Did you laugh/smile or otherwise really enjoy your time)
C) is it a good design? (Did the designer and dev team establish a focus for the game, did they achieve the effect with minimal overhead, etc)

Great games have all 3, and I've seen games pass 2/3 and that miss can be *any* of the above (but statistically seems more likely to be A/B)

Mainstream media journalist: It's too hard to build an audience on Mastodon! I cross-post the same shouty posts and one-sentence slogans as I do on the fowl app, and they just get no traction here! It must be because it's just too complicated for people to read posts from other instances or something!

Me: Okay, do you follow many interesting people here?

Journo: No.

Me: Do you reply to posts and engage with other people?

Journo: No.

Me: Do you like and share many other people's posts?

Journo: No.

Me: Do you post anything interesting, insightful or funny? Or just shouty denouncements?

Journo: Oh, I don't just cross-post shouty posts and slogans — I also do self-promotion! Subscribe now to read my latest article!

Me: Could the problem be that you've relied entirely on an algorithm that's fine-tuned to incite people by distributing the most provocative content widely to generate ad views? That the core issues are that you don't engage, contribute little to the online community, and share little content of real value and substance? That you're essentially no different to the social media bullies you so often denounce in your paywalled articles?

Journo: No. The problem isn't me, the problem is Mastodon!

#TwitterMigration #Twitter #Mastodon

What sort of cardboard sacrifice do I need to make to get an Undaunted game set in a Cold War theater...

Weekly game night report: 4p Ora & Labora (France) & 6p 6 Nimmt. 

O&L is my favorite Rosenberg game and possibly my favorite modern euro. It has almost every trope I don't like about euros rolled into a package that is way more palatable than it has any right to be for me. I think I'm down to $1.50 a play now. I've debated trying to design an expansion.

6 Nimmt is a deceptive example of games that accommodate a wide player count range, but adjust where to focus instead of trying to scale.

I am so proud to report that my chapter, Contested Spaces, Velvet Ropes, Exclusion Zones: The Pleasures and Dangers of Face-to-Face Play in Analogue Gaming Spaces is in a new anthology, Bloomsbury book entitled Material Game Studies: A Philosophy of Analogue Play. Check it out!

Here are some moments from a solitaire playthrough of the full-length scenario of INFERNO -- #boardgames #wargames #GMTGames #LevyandCampaign

Some days ago, I have asked questions about 'political' games about Ancient Greece/Rome.

I am taking my sweet time on making my own project, with the use of 'anacyclosis' concept, a cyclical theory of political evolution.

I want a game about governing a Greek city-state, you see.

On the picture, visual representation of my understanding of the concept. Throughout the game, one hopefully can move between the government forms and their extreme forms, too.

#prototype #wargames

With social media users looking for backup plans, it’s reported that many Consimworld users are trying MySpace. Most reported that it’s “too new-fangled” and they’ll stick with csw. Where everything is in one single thread.

#wargames #hexesforever

Noble Knight games has voluntarily recognized the union that an overwhelming majority of their employees say they want. Show 'em some love. #werolltogether #wargames #wargaming #hexandcounter #HexesForever

A heads up; if you're interested in going to Origins next year, the hotel block opens on Saturday the 3rd. While not required, staying next door to the venue is *really handy* in my experience.

In related news, it's been publicized that 2023 will not have an overlap with the Stonewall Pride parade that envelopes Columbus for the weekend (it's the weekend prior in 2023). Some years it does (and the hotel crunch is big, but the town is electric), some it doesn't.

PeopleMaking.Games has reopened registration applications for folks under the game-making umbrella!

We're building a community of folks who celebrate the craft of creating interactive experiences, whether they're working in games or around them! This is a space for games folks and creatives to call home, to talk about anything and everything, to share together, learn together, and connect in meaningful ways.

#gameDev #indieDev #interactiveMedia

What is an example of a game that has a strident first mover advantage into any given strategic option, and also punishes early commitment of a pathway? E.g. I get more bang for buck picking a pathway that isn't already walked on, but I become more strategically vulnerable to other players after picking my pathway. (I'm curious about how the decision space evolves or reacts and I'm looking for examples to analyze)

Post Thanksgiving 6p Eldritch Horror & potluck 

Overheard: "hey, pay attention, Annie needs a Back Injury..."

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Post Thanksgiving 6p Eldritch Horror & potluck 

"Come to consume everyone else's leftovers while Cthulhu consumes you..."

Normally I run 2-3 games of Eldritch Horror in October (cause RVA is Halloween Country) and another game at New Years. We are trying something new this year and shifting one of our October games to November.

Atlach-Nacha is the BBEG tonight. Extra turkey and all sorts of random leftovers from people's houses.

So... Who has a VPS company that is:

A) accepting new clients for instances currently.

B) actually responds to support requests in a timely manner.

C) allows/humors some degree of custom configuration.

I'm so close to getting one setup only to have the company go awol early in the week...

What's the lead time on hotels for next year? When do people start paying attention to registration, hotel, etc?

(He asks as the hotel block opens in about a week. Need to plan ahead for PaxU this time if I'm ever going to make it...)

If you are new to #mastodon, migrating from #twitter and you love to post videos, please consider posting your video over at a hosting site such as Youtube or Vimeo (others exist). Then post the link, it should show and play in your Toot.
It saves your server from having to store and stream huge quantities of extra data.
I'm going to add into here that federated hosting exists in the form of #peertube as well which is worth a look at.

announcing a new instance for Blood on the Clocktower fans 

"Welcome ... to Ravenswood Bluff."

My friend @ratteler50 and I are pleased to announce, a new Mastodon instance for fans of the social deduction game .

It's still pretty small, and we want to grow it slowly and deliberately, so if signups are closed at the time you read this, msg me at to request an invite.

I'm hoping it can become a nice little community to talk about the game.

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