Hello there!
I'm Gorsh, long time RPG player, somewhat newer boardgame player, and new to mastodon; trying to quit Fb for good but keep some RPG talk spaces that have nice communities.
I mostly play non-D&D stuff, and my sweet spot is somewhere where indie games and crunchy sim collide; if such a thing exists. But I also enjoy at least as food-for-thought any game design that pushes the envelope of what RPGs are about.
As for me; I go by he/him, and I'm a spanish speaker first.

@ordoalea It seems my kind of weird isn't that weird :)

@gorsh No no it's not weird. I like a nice compact core resolution system, like most indies have, and then to build the crunch around that. Instead of the tradgame style of tons of different rules for various crunch. Crunchy Indie should be a thing!

@ordoalea It is a thing indeed. Luke Crane isn't exactly known for "lite", for example!

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