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> If [the Luddites] had their way we wouldn’t be living in a world with ‘no technology’, we’d be living in a world where communities have a say in the technological decisions that will impact them.

– Why the Luddites Matter | LibrarianShipwreck

Why the Luddites Matter

(via Harold Jarche twitter.com/hjarche/status/145)

Curious about the community's thoughts on Paizo unionization. How cool is that, to you?

To anyone out there reading: sell me, a three decade player of WEG's Star Wars, on the FFG-Genesys system.

A very generous friend gave the Edge of the Empire hardcover to me, in all its glorious physicality, so now it's itching me to get played at a real table...

Hello there!
I'm Gorsh, long time RPG player, somewhat newer boardgame player, and new to mastodon; trying to quit Fb for good but keep some RPG talk spaces that have nice communities.
I mostly play non-D&D stuff, and my sweet spot is somewhere where indie games and crunchy sim collide; if such a thing exists. But I also enjoy at least as food-for-thought any game design that pushes the envelope of what RPGs are about.
As for me; I go by he/him, and I'm a spanish speaker first.

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