Turns out my new coworker likes board games. Which is great but now I'm also afraid now I'll be spending my leasure time at the workplace too (because the easiest way to find a convinient place to play is playing in the social room, right)

Also, I wasn't sure how to approach making a character after such a long break and with a brand new group. I chose the Andrew approach (if you're familiar with the roll20 presents actual plays) and went with someone with believes and motivations quite similar to mine, but with a twist. I mean, you let this gay anarcho-communist to your table so you'll get a trickster god's priest hopefully ruining some noble houses and merchant guilds, while maybe inventing guillotine in the meantime.

I've already said I don't want to see any homophobic or misogynistic content in the pre game discussion and we'll see how it goes. Worse case scenario I'll finally run that goddamn Dungeon World. For some nice people. Who I'll undoubtedly find.

As I expected, I've managed to find a GM with a newly formed group sooner than I was able to gather enough motivation to run the game myself. Good old WFRP 2ed it is. And brought my friend who always wanted to try RPGs in case those people turn out to be complete morons so I won't have to face it alone. As for now, the other two players (some young guys, in their early 20s I guess?) were kinda disgusted by our future GM's attempts at edgy humor. Which is good.

Man, I made those mastodon accounts and then forget to post here anyway.

The only nWoD setting I prefer to its oWoD counterpart is Changeling: the Lost aka Stockholm Syndrome: the Game. I love the its fairytale dream logic and the kind of... both unsettling and whimsical whistfulness it brings out.

I mean, I won't tolerate biphobia and transphobia either, I hope it's obvious.

In the past years in my country the hobby often attracted various shitheads. Now it's slowly getting better but I still see posts on local groups where someone wants 'no SJW bullshit' in their games. Which you can be sure translates to 'i don't wanna be nice to people who are different than me'. Sure, dude, I can even save up some dirty socks to blend in if you're that flavour of basement dweller but I won't tolerate homophobia, especially in something that's intended as the pleasant experience.

I'd love to go back to playing RPGs regularly but also I'm well aware there's no way I could find enough time to play, let's say, once a week. You know what they say, find a job you enjoy doing and you'll never trully get out of work nor have any private time ever. Plus, I don't really wanna bother with looking for a right group. If I was gonna spend few hours with some people on a regular basis, I'd need to be sure I'll go along with them.

@FASA_Andrew_1879 I'd probably find the answer somewhere on your profile, but will 1879 setting be connected to ED/SR or is it just kind of spiritual successor thing?

Now I'm still thinking about WoD and how its sourcebooks illustrations informed my aesthetic tastes (and also my personal style to some degree) for the rest of my life.

I was thinking about Mage: the Ascension today. It's one of my favourite RPGs which is funny because it's also quite horrible as a game, even the shitty WoD mechanics aside. It has a trully beautiful premise dealing with ontology, epistemology, and the social philosophy. It's also utterly unplayable if you want to push those highly abstract concepts to the front and all you'll left with is wacky urban fantasy with cybercommandos shooting unicorns.

Controversy time. Ever since I have no time to actually play RPGs (and my friends also have no time and/or moved far away), I became really interested in their theoretical side, and also experience them vicarously, listening to various actual plays. Now the controversial statement: I cannot stand Critical Role with it's overly dramatical style.

Ok, so can anyone tell me how having accounts on multiple servers works? Do I need to make separate accounts for every server I want to be on and then redirect them to my favorite one or what?

For now we're working with an awful medieval cat licking its butt. Perfect.

Man, the first social media account in a long time that's not in any way connected to my job. Now I just cannot post there any art ever.

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