The beautiful / online larp "I'll have what they are having" will be running again in February and you can now sign up for it.

“I’ll have what they’re having” is a low-drama, slice of life online larp that puts its focus on small yet impactful relationships. It is about the unexpected support and memories one can find around a shared dish, so food also plays a central role in the design.

I continue writing about my game: is a free set in a dystopian social scoring society. Friends with a shared passion want to go to university. But a high social credit score is obligatory. Players can influence the illumination of the other players' faces through a shared Google Sheet. It was a Golden Cobra winner in 2019. Play time: 2 hours, 3-5 players.

Find the link here:

event, Monday, 12 Dec:

Lost Species Day 2022: LARPing with the Land - with Bea Xu

Can LARP offer us ways to ritualistically queer our sense of inevitability?

Join Bea Xu for a participatory online workshop in which each participant is invited to bring, connect and commune with a chosen object, using it to tease out a disowned aspect of the self to generate an avatar of speculative future selfhood. Expect to become accomplices in a co-created

sex education game 

The game comes with a softer and a more explicit list of sex activity items. The Google Sheet play aid allows players to modify the lists easily, for example to incorporate a group's lines and veils into the sex activity lists.

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sex education game 

Each show writer has a list of 3 favorite sex activities they really really want to see in the scene, randomly produced for each player at the beginning of the game. A perfect alibi to openly and without shame expressing sexual desires (the edu aspect of the game). The shared enthusiasm from everybody is then carrying over into a hopefully joyful experience of creating that sex scene together. 2/n

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sex education game 

On the list of games I have co-designed, today comes: The Amazing Sex Scene Rewrite.

It is a contribution to the world of : a game about expressing sexual desires openly and without shame. Designed collaboratively at a game jam, this is a larp perfect for online play, too.
You play show writers and discuss what the characters in the show should be doing and then write that scene together. Which happens to be the hottest sex scene ever. 1/n

I plan to talk here one by one about the / I made. The idea is to highlight one aspect of the design which can be of interest beyond the game itself.

Let's start with Makeup Moments. In this online , you put actual on prepping for a night out with friends. The idea was to celebrate ourselves. But also interrogate our societal roles about makeup. The game uses the video camera as a mirror. Allowing players to create a special kind of intimacy.

Physical X- and Pause-card by BeePeeGee. Safety techniques make collaborative storytelling better but are generally a helpful concept for human communication. Treat yourself more often with a Pause, or remove certain topics for a while from your mind if they are harming you.

Great news: I have been invited to speak about design at a conference in on and in December. Fantastic list of speakers. Wild range of topics. Come join me as a participant, it's free and will be surely joyful.

I haven't done an since the latest wave of new people here.

I'm Gerrit, living in , . I enjoy and (live-action online games). My games can be found here:

I'm a , and as such member of the Integrationsrat of Bonn.

I live with my family in a 20 people community housing project where we live as sustainable and resource efficient as possible.

I consider myself and aware

Today, the winners of the Golden Cobra Challenge will be announced on their website:

My submission is a game on a mailing list going down including an individual bullshit bingo card per player.

All submissions are available for free on the Cobra homepage.

I have a Youtube channel with my . Curated by themes, but here is the playlist with all APs:

My APs are pure play, not "productions". But I try to show the variety of and (live-action online games) in them.

I have recently put together a blog article listing all my (live-action online) game designs. Most of them are available for free. Links included in the article.

Latest entries: The Amazing Sex Scene Rewrite, a sex-positive game about hot sex and That escalated quickly, a game about tearing down a mailing list including an automatic bullshit bingo card per player.

I'm German and live in . I have founded a housing project called . I'm an elected representative in the city's integration council. I play , live-action online games, and Indie . I'm interested in societal , and checking my own privileges. I have two kids for whom I wish a world worth living in. I'm a mathematician and work as a strategy consultant for banks on topics from my home office.

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