re: What #ttrpg s are you currently dreaming about running / playing? My list: 

@slimepsychic I was on vacation when the Yazeba's crowdfunder closed. Kicking myself on that one.

re: What #ttrpg s are you currently dreaming about running / playing? My list: 

Forged in the Dark tragic magical girls

And a modernized spiritual successor to the old palladium Ninja turtles game from the 80s

re: What #ttrpg s are you currently dreaming about running / playing? My list: 

@DungeonRogues I need to sit down and read my copy of Ironsworn. Somehow it keeps falling between the cracks.

@LeviKornelsen I'm sure there are circles where this is controversial. For me I started TTRPG when I was 7 so it was obvious that it was just an adjudicated version of the types of games I was already playing. It's probably why I held onto imaginative playground play a bit longer than a lot of kids though the games morphed into things with rules like proto-LARPs. Children's tradition with Palladium influences. 😂​

stay connected to what's *new*. Typo in my very first toot.

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@HoneyHam Yeah! That is tricky! Sometimes all you can do is guess, honestly. Its about the story, right? So think about what would be interesting. Would a particular choice here complement the character and how they exist in the world? Or would a contrast be more interesting? The best suggestion I can give is to come back to the overall story you are interested in exploring with them and then be open to them proving you wrong later.

Hello! I'm a long time tabletop gamer, video game industry veteran and the current CTO at Roll20. I'm addicted to new games and love reading new mechanics and philosophies. My main goal here is to stay connected to whats and all of the beautiful games folks are building.

@HoneyHam For most of us our sexuality is a constant source of discovery so I try to think of it that way for my characters as well. So instead of answering, "What is their sexuality," I prefer to ask, "How do they identify right now?" And follow it up with some things like, "Why?", "Do internalized beliefs influence their identification?" "How have they identified in the past?" Then I feel more open to let the story either affirm them or show them something new.

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