3d-printed miniature (demon lord) 

My photography has gotten a little better (blocking some of the direct lighting and dimming some of them). This paint job was kinda rushed and I'll probably put another six hours into it, touching it up and doing something with the faces (dunno what yet). But I had to declare it 'done' to enter mz4250's monthly contest (he's the modeler, runs a monthly contest on his patreon).

D&D nautical space battle map 

How I ran the space battle; two instances of maptools, one for me, one for the PCs (screenshared via jitsi). Didn't simulate the mass battle, just narrated what the PCs saw; they opted to traverse the coral region, which is full of native dangers (anenomes and exploding urchins). They popped up to check on the battle, avoid dangers and argue about their course of action. One mounted combat against cybocts on their way out, which is where we ended.

3d-printed mini (painted) 

More-or-less done with the sea dragon mini. I'm really not happy with my camera setup; one is with excessive lighting and the levels got all kinds of blown out; the other is just on my desk with an overhead light.

Also, this is a hard mini to capture a single representative image of. There's just no good camera angle to get all of the little details.

re: 3d printed mini 

Base colors done (and re-done, and touched-up, and re-touched-up). My phone's camera is not great at color, so I need some color correction; the top color, in particular is a bit darker and bluer.

Anyway, considering what to do with highlights and details, especially the weird 'horn' things. Maybe some coral-y colors there? Or greens? This is a unique enough model I'm not finding great color examples to work off of.

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3d printed mini 

A sea dragon by mz4250, for his monthly print & paint contest for his patrons. This is the first print I've done in Phrozen Functional resin, which is surprisingly great stuff. It has double the exposure time of Elegoo Rapid, but isn't brittle. For instance, the tiny frill spikes around the head would have shattered when I clipped off the supports. Primed with a blend of Reaper brush-on primer and Vallejo airbrush primer.

alien fleet art (also seeking) 

Last session ended with the party looking through a complicated 4D telescope at the incoming cephaloid fleet.

I'm looking for art to lightly modify for this view, to inspire fear and loathing in the PCs. I started with the Ilithid nautiloid ships, but found no suitable fleet art. Then I found the Tyranids from W40K and perhaps a shot like this from BSG2 could work.

Anybody know of other vaguely cephaloid aliens with fleets of tentacle-y bioships?

Extremely topical, an intersection of two keen interests...

This going right on my coffee table. Well, after it's no longer a spoiler for my main campaign.

(I have nothing to do with Melsonia, just a fan. You can find it melsonia.com/fungi-of-the-far- and also at Exalted Funeral in the US).

I guess, backing up, I should ask for suggestion for the right tool for the job. I'm trying to sculpt a few different Tsochar; they're small tentacle creatures who sometimes form colonies of 5-10 to gain bipedal motion and increased intelligence from Lords of Madness for D&D 3.5. They're tiny when singular, small to large in colonies. Attached is the art from the book (all over image search).

? ? ?

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OSR planning 

Rough draft of an index-sized character card. Once I actually figure out the printable area on my laserjet (through trial-and-error) I'll know what more I can do with the space (or if I need to remove things).

Not actually sure what save system or AC system I'll be using yet...

re: 3d-printing 

Those squares are an inch.

Here's closeup of the mindflayer, with the raised runes on the book's pages visible. I'm finding it hard to photograph these well with the camera at my disposal...

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re: 3d-printing 

First prints off the resin printer, with the party's archmage (pewter) for scale. There's hard-to-photograph detail in the faces of the gazers that'll come out with paint, but I'm still finding the optimum angle + anti-aliasing to get it to come out more.

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Starting the first test print on the Elegoo Mars that just arrived.

The resin is far less pungent than I was lead to believe. I only needed to run the fan in the window while filling the tank, and even that was more of a precaution than a necessity.

The next D&D session starts here, with an initiative roll. Of course, I have some minor changes to make, because the party arrived here by tunneling into the side wall by shapechanging into beholders and disintegrating their way here...

re: 3d-printing 

And this is a classic stringing test, before and after the upgrade. I have gotten better results on the "before" side; I think my nozzle is a bit worn and needs to be replaced. But the same nozzle was used for the "after" and the tiny wisps of string are barely even visible. A new nozzle would have zero stringing even in this worst-case example.

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re: 3d-printing 

This is what the Ender 3 looks like after the upgrade. It's a relatively simple kit, consisting of a replacement plate for the X carriage which is sized to hold the extruder, some small spacers, and some wiring management. Because the extruder motor is mounted over the hotend and moves with it, the bowden tube is unnecessary.

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One nice thing about the direct-drive upgrade is that I can really optimize for build time by overlapping models on the build plate. Before the upgrade, this would have ended up a stringy mess. I still could have cleaned it up, but the post-processing would have been longer than the time saved printing.

KSP screenshot 

A project: a refueling station orbiting Minmus to allow ships to refuel before going out further into the system.

The middle is the main station, with solar and nuclear power to keep the the liquid hydrogen tanks cold (the balloon-looking things). On the left is the refueling truck, on the right a probe refueling before heading out to find an asteroid. The four LH2 tanks by the truck can detach to go with the truck to the surface mining operation.

Kerbal Space Program is really just a screenshot generator. Random accidents, like the timing of this launch, just happen to be really pretty.

It makes me want to catch a real-world space launch sometime.

re: D&D session highlights 

The state of the combat at the end of the session. High-level parties are absurd: the mage is currently shapeshifted into a Planetar (and in a coma), the mage's familiar is shapeshifted into a bronze dragon (blue dragon mini), both druids are being earth elementals, the mage summoned an even bigger earth elemental, both druids have feline animal companions... In any given fight, chances are good that non-humanoids outnumber the humanoids.

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Also on the subject of KSP: a perfectly ordinary launch that just happened to occur at dawn.

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