OSR planning 

re: 3d-printing 

re: 3d-printing 


The next D&D session starts here, with an initiative roll. Of course, I have some minor changes to make, because the party arrived here by tunneling into the side wall by shapechanging into beholders and disintegrating their way here...

re: 3d-printing 

re: 3d-printing 


KSP screenshot 

Kerbal Space Program is really just a screenshot generator. Random accidents, like the timing of this launch, just happen to be really pretty.

It makes me want to catch a real-world space launch sometime.

re: D&D session highlights 

Also on the subject of KSP: a perfectly ordinary launch that just happened to occur at dawn.

kerbal space program 

3d-printed mini - roper 

elder brain mini, continued 

3d-printed mini 

Upcoming set piece for the long-running D&D game. 3d-printed, some post-processing, and it is nearly ready to be painted. It's very roughly to scale, about 2 inches across the lobes, and 4 inches counting the tentacles.

Tonight I'm running a session for a short side campaign in the same multiverse, only using 5e rules and everybody is a warlock. Here's a silly in-joke that came out of that game.

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