discussion of antisemitism 

I spent way too long looking into the question of "is the lich's phylactery antisemitism?"

And then a while longer: "was it malicious, who did it, and when?"

The answers turned out to be "sorta maybe" and "no; not Gygax; somewhere around 2e, but then again with 5e and that was worse."

re: discussion of antisemitism 

@gdorn Great job, thank you. This is something that needs to change. Please email the D&D team at WotC, btw.

Sometimes peeps these days when they found out something is bad, then immediately everyone who hasn’t found out yet is instantly super evil and complicit.

Sorta similar to how some people when they become vegans later in life immediately think all non-vegans are horrible monsters, not realizing that they themselves three seconds earlier was among those “monsters”.

Peeps just do the best that they can♥
Let’s keep teaching each other to do better.

re: discussion of antisemitism 

@gdorn thanks for writing this up. I didn't know!

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