3d printed mini 

A sea dragon by mz4250, for his monthly print & paint contest for his patrons. This is the first print I've done in Phrozen Functional resin, which is surprisingly great stuff. It has double the exposure time of Elegoo Rapid, but isn't brittle. For instance, the tiny frill spikes around the head would have shattered when I clipped off the supports. Primed with a blend of Reaper brush-on primer and Vallejo airbrush primer.


re: 3d printed mini 

Many reposts later. is fairly annoying to post from, so I should probably just text myself images from my phone camera instead of trying to post from it.

How it failed: couldn't take camera shots directly from the app, so I forgot to attach it. Tried to post as wrong account. In my later reply, dropped the CW/subject line. Went back to fix it, forgot the attachment. Can't delete posts for this alt, only my main.

re: 3d printed mini 

Base colors done (and re-done, and touched-up, and re-touched-up). My phone's camera is not great at color, so I need some color correction; the top color, in particular is a bit darker and bluer.

Anyway, considering what to do with highlights and details, especially the weird 'horn' things. Maybe some coral-y colors there? Or greens? This is a unique enough model I'm not finding great color examples to work off of.

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re: 3d printed mini 

@gdorn maybe purple and slime green :)

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