Long-term 3.5 campaign ending 

I'm still not sure what to do with the egg of the reincarnated Cathezar (half-demon, half-devil nemesis of the party) that the party archmage has been toting around for quite some time now.

I might just leave the hatching to the denoument. As much fun as it would be to have a marilith toddler with chain-animating powers and poor morals running around, it's hard to fit that in with the dire, epic tone of Far Realm Invasion! right around the corner.

re: Long-term 3.5 campaign ending 

I'd like to make her plot-significant, but there's already so many threads of plot to deal with. Maybe if we renew the series at a later date she can be an important character there; there's tons of room for somewhat more mundane demon and devil machinations and intrigue and battles and war in the vacuum left by resolving the multiverse-spanning stuff going on now.

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