OSR planning - Low Magic Spells 

In this world, anybody can learn Low magic - non-combat utility spells powered by expensive components or a lot of time. But how to balance this with B/X? How to apply limits to both number of spells known and number of active effects (to avoid the 3.5 explosion of buffs problem)?

This is to offset the lack of High Magic, which B/X expects a lot of. No Magic-users or Clerics, no magic arms or armor...


OSR planning - Low Magic Spells 

One idea: Low Magic is unstable, unreliable and unpredictable. You can learn how to wave the red yew stick in such a way that you can sense the presence of gold (or whatever) and it seems to work sometimes. But sometimes it doesn't and you think there's no gold, or it stops working altogether and you need a new version of the spell, so pay your NPC alchemist to get started working on that...

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