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Kerbal Space Program is really just a screenshot generator. Random accidents, like the timing of this launch, just happen to be really pretty.

It makes me want to catch a real-world space launch sometime.

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Random musing:

Kerbal Space Program: the RPG.

With heavy simulationist elements, of course, but inspired just as much by the weirdly narrative-heavy mission videos by dedicated youtubers.

Currently, the PCs are dealing with a sept of Thoonian Mindflayers, who captured them and redistributed all of their gear, including the abysal egg (dubbed 'Grace' by the party archmage). The Elder Brain is keep it nearby, thinking it might make an excellent host for a mindflayer tadpole once it hatches...

There's already a little bit of party indecision about what to do; the archmage refuses to leave without the egg, but some of the others don't want to die for it...

My players defeated a powerful enemy, in a location where souls are sent to bodies. I decided this meant things that die there can be reborn. A few sessions later, an NPC gave them an egg, supposedly containing the reincarnated demon/devil hybrid (who worked for Demogorgon).

This is neat, and has lead to interesting RP about protecting and mothering the egg, but I feel a bit unprepared for when it hatches. How do I make the nature vs nurture storyline both more interesting and higher stakes?

One sign of playing too much : When confronted with a downloading progress bar, I immediately tried to warp time to get it done faster.

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(Like what a lot of us hoped 5e would turn out to be...)

One thing coming out of this series is a fairly deep understanding of the design choices inherent to each edition's choices.

I feel like when I'm done (not any time soon) I might be able to put together a site where you pick and choose rules (or add homebrew versions of your own) and generate your own custom book of rules for your game, either as PDF or RST for additional editing somewhere like Homebrewery.

Another slice of D&D history: How to Die (and come back from the dead) in every edition from OD&D to 5e.

Kerbal Space Program is really just a screenshot generator. Random accidents, like the timing of this launch, just happen to be really pretty.

It makes me want to catch a real-world space launch sometime.

At least a handful of people have enjoyed my single-subject slices through D&D history. So far I have done THAC0 and XP rules; what other useful topics are worth examining?

I was thinking of maybe tracking the advent of more lenient PC death rules and how they reflected changing play styles...

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