looking for feedback on this social interaction minigame for D&D. It's not supposed to be a comprehensive social system so much as a game-model for the things that come up most often (e.g. players lying to NPCs or trying to get stuff from them)

Went to my first RPG con today. Played nearly nonstop for 10+ hours. Brief verdicts on the systems played: Savage Worlds is fine I guess. Night Witches is excellent. Cypher System is a hot mess.

Picked these up at the used bookstore today. Someone with good taste must have died recently!

It sucks that the word "feat" in D&D means "a minor circumstancial bonus" instead of "a rare or impressive accomplishment". Feats should be the most exciting thing on your character sheet, damn it

Any ideas for human-specific special abilities? Like if dwarves have darkvision, dragonborn have fire breath, etc... what's the cool thing that humans have?

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I wrote 50 levelless spells for my OSR homebrew! Lots are rewrites, but some are all-new - check out Spellify, or my Summon rules!

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1. Advertising shits in your head, it is a form of visual and psychological pollution.

2. Removing/Replacing/Defacing advertising is not vandalism, it is an act of tidying up that is both legally and morally defensible.

3. The Visual Realm is a Public Realm, it is part of the commons, it belongs to everyone, so nobody should be able to own it.

4. Outdoor Advertising can and should be banned, Sao Paulo did it in 2006, Grenoble followed suit in 2015.

Going to my first rpg convention on the Easter weekend. Really excited to play Night Witches - the kind of game I can't really imagine I'd ever play with my home group. Also pretty curious about Achtung Cthulhu.

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Welcome to the intersection of food, film, and racism. This is a story of how, a day after Clio's racist convention experience, my friend Amber and I signed up at that same con to play a role-playing game called "Fortune Cookie Kung Fu."

Hi everyone! I'm a migrant from Google+. Currently playing LotFP and Dungeon World. Still figuring out how this Mastodon thing works. How's it going?

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