@ackthrice @host If someone has a different opinion from you that doesn't make it "bad faith."

@host @ackthrice Not sure the correct answer is to halfway-block the biggest node, though. Literally what it is doing is saying "fedi will only actually work if you move your account *to* the biggest node." I mean, again, I looked to move my general-subjects account off it and couldn't do so *because* it would break connections with too many mufos.

(Also there feels like there's a lot of "perfect is the enemy of the good" going on, but maybe you have specific evidence of it not being "good.")

@ackthrice @host I am, for my general-purpose account. Since 2016.

I *looked* for a place to move to when people threatened to silence .social, and couldn't find someplace that wasn't blocked *more* or had some other dealbreaker, at least not someplace that was accepting new members.

I've never had anyone able to point me to the *specific* details of why m.soc is bad, which contributes to my curmudgeonly-ness about it.

@ackthrice @host Then I'd leave this server, yes. But then I would not waste my time trying to figure out what is wrong with my client when I click on a hashtag in a past from someone I follow, and don't even see the post I got there from. (Yes, I get grumpy when software wastes my time and/or makes me feel stupid.)

I would almost accept it if there was an alternative general-interest server. But there just isn't, so people insist on breaking the best one we have just because it's not perfect.

@host @ackthrice Enough to break your own server over it? Honestly it's almost worse than a clean block.

@host Why is mastodon.social silenced anyway? It breaks hashtag functionality for people I follow from there.

@hardcorenarrativist Almost entirely combat from what I remember, though it's been awhile since we played it.

*Not* to the degree of Gloomhaven, though; I haven't played Dark Souls or Bloodborne.

(Also Gloomhaven lacks that sweet spot; we had TPKs both scenarios and have not managed to play again, though I understand it's better with computer assistance because we may have forgotten some benefits we got. Seems just as likely we forgot monster abilities though, so...)

@hardcorenarrativist Yeah, it's very tactical. (I have heard of people who play it theater-of-the-mind 😕🤷) But not *too* tactical; again, very Champs-like, or maybe on a certain level Car Wars-y: you *could* run a "Car Wars campaign" but then again you could treat it as a pure boardgame.

It is also very very good at hitting the sweet spot of feeling like your characters are at risk when there are actually a lot of off-ramps player or DM can take to avoid killing them off, if that makes sense.

@hardcorenarrativist I feel like it hits some of the same points as Champions: the dice build a pretty good story framework that you can flesh out easily even if you're only a novice/mediocre roleplayer. And if you're not, well, creativity of constraints effect is good too. It levels the playing field.

(The downside is the only story they really tell is the action/fight scene.)

The key to 4e is, I think that the rules are still fun as a pure non-roleplaying game.

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One of these things
Is not like the other
One of these things
Doesn't belong...

(these hit the shop at silverseams.com/shop/ in ~ten minutes)

@Canageek I suspect the relative lack of conventions there is because convention space is super-expensive. So the cons get held in places like Morristown (Dexcon/Metatopia/Dreamation), which is accessible by train from NYC.

Philly's huge too and I think I can count the Philadelphians I've run into on fedi on one hand. Maybe people in big cities don't *need* online stuff to connect? 🤷

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@Canageek Yeah, I was all "okay you need to step it up a little" and then this came along. instagram.com/p/CKXW8oxha3h/

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Earth is not really a well designed fantasy map. It's all unbalanced and weird.

@Canageek @starkatt "Greenbottle fly green."

(My supposedly-color-corrected monitor says it's definitely green.)

re: COVID-19, % willing to get the vaccine, Canada 

@Canageek Yeah, I always wonder when I see those polls exactly how the question is worded. Because no, I don't want to jump the line when we're in a position to isolate for-basically-ever but you BET I'd happily take it if it was offered.

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Someone put together an excellent gift set from my stuff and I'm kinda mad I didn't think of it myself.

(Technically they chose the Dragon Skull dice tray because the Red Dragon wasn't on Etsy but I suggested a swap.)

re: COVID-19, % willing to get the vaccine, Canada 

@Canageek I heard a preview for a radio interview (but then didn't get to hear the full interview) about some concerns with giving the vaccination to LTC facilities first, because of the number of folks who die of natural causes there - the concern was that it would *increase* fears when "Grandma got the shot and died a week later!"

A surprising number. Basically *everyone* in Wichita knows how to or has a family member who knows how to weld etc. because the aircraft industry (and to a lesser extent, oil and gas though most of that is further west) just permeates the town. There are little machine shops on every corner, if you need something welded/machined you can always find someone who'll do it for a case of beer.

Welding is also pretty common in rural/ag areas, sometimes with strange results. nypost.com/2020/12/10/mystery-

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