Two of the players come from Carl's Warframe crowd, one experienced player and one complete n00b. Both Roll20 and Foundry have nice virtual dice, but Carl wanted him to have his own set of polyhedrals and I have a bunch for the Etsy shop ( so I came up with a nice Lotus-y set for him.

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First batch of sample dice came in and help I want to keep them all.

Never thought I'd say this but suddenly I want to use a lawyer who puts stickers on the front of the phone book

Just wasn't happy with the treat-box-based advent calendar so I busted out the poor neglected Cameo and made a sleek little box that fits in a small Priority Mail box for shipping. Plushie dragons approve.

(Five colors of dice calendars will land in tomorrow, the dragons are already there, and the cutting files to make your own calendar boxes are free on the blog at )

Broke down and bought our own copy, despite having no room for new games on the KALLAX.

Used up my two(!) open containers of panko crumbs and now I think we need to make an epic dice tower. Also, found purple clearanced ribbon with Platonic solids on it (d4, d6, d8 only, alas) in case anybody needs to replace the drawstrings on their Crown Royal dice bags. πŸ˜‰

TBT that time a pastor drew my husband and I naked on the cover of a fanzine.

Okay yeah we didn't really *need* it but it was only twelve bucks, okay?

For a minute I thought there was some kind of MtG-themed diner in Jersey City but turns out it's just a (long-standing) sign error and the rest all have/had two N's.

If you're running a modern horror/supernatural game and you don't work this in somehow then you're doing it wrong.

Procrastination FTW: picked this up off a clearance table. Haven't played it in literal decades.

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