@host Why is mastodon.social silenced anyway? It breaks hashtag functionality for people I follow from there.

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@gamehawk @host From what I recall it is because moderation there is non-existent

@ackthrice @gamehawk yes, they have a terrible reccord at moderation (both ways, letting nasty stuff happen and removing account of activists).

@host @ackthrice Enough to break your own server over it? Honestly it's almost worse than a clean block.

@gamehawk @host But then you wouldn't be able to follow them? It's more to keep the federated timeline clean and discourage interaction with .social than anything else afaik

@ackthrice @host Then I'd leave this server, yes. But then I would not waste my time trying to figure out what is wrong with my client when I click on a hashtag in a past from someone I follow, and don't even see the post I got there from. (Yes, I get grumpy when software wastes my time and/or makes me feel stupid.)

I would almost accept it if there was an alternative general-interest server. But there just isn't, so people insist on breaking the best one we have just because it's not perfect.

@ackthrice @host I am, for my general-purpose account. Since 2016.

I *looked* for a place to move to when people threatened to silence .social, and couldn't find someplace that wasn't blocked *more* or had some other dealbreaker, at least not someplace that was accepting new members.

I've never had anyone able to point me to the *specific* details of why m.soc is bad, which contributes to my curmudgeonly-ness about it.

@gamehawk @ackthrice I mean, the main issue is the software, and if I can be candid, the real issue is with the main dev if the software.

When the project leader choose to build a decentralised software but chooses not to address the federation issues (the different level of defederation are imcomplete and not doing what they say they do), there isn't a whole lot other people can do.

Then said person create the biggest node by never stoping registration.

@gamehawk @ackthrice then there is also the fact that said main developer takes money from the EU, collaborating with a host of companies that specialised in the monitoring of social network.

Then yeah, I am sorry we cannot do as good a job at moderation on the federation, there is not much leverage I have to fix that.

I would advise anybody willing to fix the situation to put money in this project github.com/superseriousbusines

Thats a real chance to get a better server than masto, pleroma, etc.

@host @ackthrice Not sure the correct answer is to halfway-block the biggest node, though. Literally what it is doing is saying "fedi will only actually work if you move your account *to* the biggest node." I mean, again, I looked to move my general-subjects account off it and couldn't do so *because* it would break connections with too many mufos.

(Also there feels like there's a lot of "perfect is the enemy of the good" going on, but maybe you have specific evidence of it not being "good.")

@gamehawk @ackthrice I'm not too sure I have an answer that will make you happy I'm afraid.

The other choices will make other people unhappy, either because it is a change, or because they rather have a limited view than no view on their friend, or because there will be nasties in the federated TL

It is not so much about perfection, but with trade-offs

You could also:
* Tell mufos to move away from mastodon.social
* Spend $5 a month on masto.host
* Use a different front end to mix accounts TL

@gamehawk @host This definitely doesn't feel like a good faith argument, it's been explicitly stated that the mod here doesn't like .social and most people here don't interact with anyone over there, I know I don't so if you want regular contact there, this may not be the right instance for your needs?

Federation works best with lots of small nodes, blocking twitter-lite addresses many of the problems with fedi and makes the tl more manageable

@ackthrice @host If someone has a different opinion from you that doesn't make it "bad faith."

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