Okay, the Bernie meme is the only time I've actually seen a meme significantly improve over time.

I thought it would get old pretty quickly, and it started to. then the meme makers just started improving it and stopping putting him in so many static images, and seeing him added to an animated gif was pretty sweet, but then people start working into art and having the goose steal his mittens, and I just saw him put in a freaking where's Waldo. Heck I'm not even sure he's actually in the where's Waldo image, they could just be making it up.

like I totally do not need to see Bernie photoshopped into yet another scientific convention, or sitting beside another particle accelerator, I've seen all of those I need for the rest of my life.

But I am here to see what various artists are willing to do with a fairly basic concept at this point.

@Canageek Yeah, I was all "okay you need to step it up a little" and then this came along. instagram.com/p/CKXW8oxha3h/

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