COVID-19, % willing to get the vaccine, Canada

The number of people willing to get the vaccine right away has risen to 48% of Canadians, up from 40% a month ago. This gets higher as people get older.

31% said yes, eventually, but they would wait, and most of the gain in "get now" has some form this category.

That has 80% of Canadians willing to get it.

70% of people who said no or they'd wait are worried about *long-term* side effects, and given we've got months before general roll-out, hopefully we can dispel those fears. (This has been a worry for every vaccine dating back to meseals and polio, so we have LOTS of experience in public health communication and fighting that specific fear.)

re: COVID-19, % willing to get the vaccine, Canada 

@Canageek I heard a preview for a radio interview (but then didn't get to hear the full interview) about some concerns with giving the vaccination to LTC facilities first, because of the number of folks who die of natural causes there - the concern was that it would *increase* fears when "Grandma got the shot and died a week later!"

re: COVID-19, % willing to get the vaccine, Canada 

@gamehawk Yeah, they should have put in "if everyone at more risk then you has already been offered the vaccine" or "given unlimited supplies" or something

re: COVID-19, % willing to get the vaccine, Canada 

@Canageek Yeah, I always wonder when I see those polls exactly how the question is worded. Because no, I don't want to jump the line when we're in a position to isolate for-basically-ever but you BET I'd happily take it if it was offered.

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