Today in headlines too good to read the article: "If You Are Not Happy with the State of Magic, Stop Giving Wizards Your Money"

(ht @ancient_domains_of_word, via @DialMforMara)

@gamehawk @ancient_domains_of_word yeah

I’ve been giving them very little already as my play groups have vanished this year and as the state of the game gets direr, but it’s hard to give up on a game that’s brought me real joy and an adult social life

so I’m cracking packs my girlfriend has already bought for the endorphins, and justifying continuing to write marketing articles for a game store that specializes in Magic by sticking to budget deck techs to help other people cut back

@DialMforMara @ancient_domains_of_word We haven't played in forEVer, just couldn't keep up.

Somewhere on the game shelf we have a playtest deck of Antiquities. We got "paid" for that with unopened boxes of the then-current release, which when we got burned out we later sold with our whole stash to a local game store and made a down payment on a house.

We bought some starter stuff to teach the kiddo, some years back, but it was like a whole different game by then and we never actually played.

@DialMforMara @ancient_domains_of_word (The playtest deck was laser-printed cardstock with semi-random free clip art on it. 99% sure Wizards couldn't find our NDA if we sold it now...)

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