Pretty sure that I, the rogue, have never rolled outside of single digits on my Stealth rolls this entire game.

Believe this is approximately the fifth critical failure for me this game. I begin to suspect there is a problem with Foundry's dice roller. 😬

We all survived, with a couple of fudged rolls from the DM and a couple of non-fudged critical fails for *him*.

Seriously, I wish we had logged every die roll, that felt like we got a disproportionate amount of extreme rolls. Couple of 20s, but a *lot* of single-digit stuff.

Two of the players come from Carl's Warframe crowd, one experienced player and one complete n00b. Both Roll20 and Foundry have nice virtual dice, but Carl wanted him to have his own set of polyhedrals and I have a bunch for the Etsy shop ( so I came up with a nice Lotus-y set for him.

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