Just wasn't happy with the treat-box-based advent calendar so I busted out the poor neglected Cameo and made a sleek little box that fits in a small Priority Mail box for shipping. Plushie dragons approve.

(Five colors of dice calendars will land in silverseams.etsy.com/ tomorrow, the dragons are already there, and the cutting files to make your own calendar boxes are free on the blog at silverseams.com/ )

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@gamehawk I'm planning to make an advent calendar but I have no clear idea how to do so. Do you have ideas?

@Yoric Having done quite a few for my kid and nieces, I have learned: pick your contents before you pick your container. Mom gave us a hand-painted wooden drawer-box that was never good for anything but tiny candies. It's much less fun when you realize you have the perfect thing but it doesn't fit and drawer 17 is just a note that says "gift is in a bag behind the calendar."

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