Carl read that the first two scenarios in Gloomhaven were very tough, so since we're still learning we decided to play it at Level 0 instead of level 1, and it was still a TPK. And took over three hours (not counting setup). I'm not sure if we're doing something wrong (I just watched a good chunk of a let's-play and apparently not) or just playing too conservatively in the early game.

Gonna set up some of the electronic tools that help streamline/track things.

Red dice calendar includes a clear pink set. Swap it for a different red?

Just wasn't happy with the treat-box-based advent calendar so I busted out the poor neglected Cameo and made a sleek little box that fits in a small Priority Mail box for shipping. Plushie dragons approve.

(Five colors of dice calendars will land in tomorrow, the dragons are already there, and the cutting files to make your own calendar boxes are free on the blog at )

Dice Advent calendar!

This is the green one; the other five colorways ( will go in the Etsy shop tomorrowish.

A total of thirty-eight dice and four li'l dice bags in 24 little treat boxes. A few little embroidered (OF COURSE) surprises in there too, though I'll take a picture of all the contents for them as don't mind spoiling the surprise (like if you're buying it for someone else).

#rpg #dice

Dice arrive today. Finally decided on my packaging method: Wilton treat boxes arrive tomorrow.

I ordered some extra so I'll probably pack up the rest and put them in my Etsy shop ( this week.

The first set of dice for the kid's Advent calendar has arrived and now I want to use them for all my valet-tray product shoots.

Decide to try the tracking number at Newgistics directly (it's USPS last mile) and the delivery estimate there is the 19th-21st. Not sure whether that's when they expect to deliver it to USPS (after which it goes Priority, I think) or when it's supposed to arrive here, but certainly that should be in plenty of time.

... now it's in Indiana.

Starting to be a little skeptical of the tracking here.

Okay now "Your item departed a shipping partner facility at 8:38 pm on November 14, 2019 in CAROL STREAM, IL 60188. This does not indicate receipt by the USPS or the actual mailing date."

It's gone from NY to IL; I live in NJ. 🀷

This probably means it's going to their California warehouse along with all the other orders, to be individually packaged and then mailed *back* across the country.

Still, pretty sure that means it arrives before Dec 1.

Wait, "Your item was picked up by a shipping partner at 2:36 am on November 10, 2019 in JAMAICA, NY 11434" so... it's in the United States already? I figured it would be on a boat.

Although... I'm still slightly suspecting that's just the mailing label for after it gets through customs, and doesn't necessarily *actually* mean my item is in Pitney Bowes' possession.

can't stop won't stop

(until I run out of eyes; I placed another order that includes some slit-pupil ones that work better with more colors)

Truck carrying gaming dice spills on Atlanta highway, rolls an estimated 756,000

"The truck was undamaged, having made its saving throw."

My birthday is this week, and to celebrate, I want to give all of you a present! πŸŽ‰

This week only, every #tabletop map in my Gumroad store is on sale, including the brand new "Lunar Outpost" map.
Just use code SEPTEMBER to get 10% off!


#map #ttg #hexmap #tabletopgames #MastoArt #CreativeToots

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