Time to put up the ice dragon and make a book box for the felt cats for my mother-in-law's birthday. But first, a quick little Valentine's Day beanie dragon. πŸ’“πŸ‰

Look at this little dragon curled up on its pile of gold. LOOK AT IT!

But Karen, you say, why would you buy one of @quietsnooze 's little dragons when you are making your own? BECAUSE NONE OF MINE HOLD DICE is why.

(yes it should properly be the polyhedrals but the Fudge dice were closer to hand)

Hi, our DM is too busy to resume our campaign any time soon.

It would be cool to find someone local to San Francisco who would be up for DMing weekly(?) sessions, how does one go about that? Hang out in game shops? Look for subreddits or forums? I've never had to do this before.

Failing that, can someone recommend online resources? Skype/gchat/matrix/etc? Companion software?

Any tips @maenad ?

I have the strange urge to start casting fantasy wargaming metal miniatures again. Haven't done that since the late eighties. I wonder if my mother ever knew I was using a propane torch in my bedroom.

Well, that's certainly been awhile. (721 number would have been sometime between 1985 and 1992. Given that it was 2400 baud, probably toward the end of that span.)

TBT that time a pastor drew my husband and I naked on the cover of a fanzine.

It's PAX Unplugged! We live in Philly (well, Jersey suburbs) now so it's local to us!

... and my husband had to go out of town, and I wouldn't feel right going without him. πŸ˜”

#Dragon loving friends, #criticalrole #critters, tabletop enthusiasts, #dnd players! Which should be the next dragon colour to hatch? The red dragon is available right now at forfansbyfans.com/feature/drag

Reply with your vote! White, black, blue, or green?

Oh gosh, just looked at the Square receipt and the biz name is LITERALLY "The Nerd Mall at Polsky's Corner" so... yeah, called it.

THAT WAS A SUPER-COOL GAME STORE (slash airsoft store, slash vinyl store, slash yoyo store, slash... basically, nerd mini-mall).

It's kind of an annoying drive from the house, though: one of those "it's either 25 minutes or an hour, depending on traffic" and the drive is a Typical South Jersey Zigzag Of Ill-Maintained Pitch-Dark Two-Lanes so winter evening trips are less fun.


Tonight's field trip: Tiki Tiki Games to check out their D&D game and maybe get the 18yo some friends outside his computer (something *he* wants, not something we're foisting on him, to be clear).

Okay yeah we didn't really *need* it but it was only twelve bucks, okay?

For a minute I thought there was some kind of MtG-themed diner in Jersey City but turns out it's just a (long-standing) sign error and the rest all have/had two N's.

@gamehawk and now I’m imaging a scene where all the real ghosts groan every time they sense someone enter the park with ashes because they just *KNOW* that they’re going to get even more crowded. Maybe even have an official greeter: β€œyeah, you died, it sucks, here’s your name badge, get in line to haunt the castle.”

I just bought a beginners box for #DnD (not sure yet as for a christmas present for my bf or for myself).
Does anyone from #berlin #germany know where I could maybe purchase some dice sets? I rather purchase them somewhat locally instead of online, unless there isn't a shop available.

If you're running a modern horror/supernatural game and you don't work this in somehow then you're doing it wrong.

Procrastination FTW: picked this up off a clearance table. Haven't played it in literal decades.

You guys you guys you guys! The Pinelands dragons are getting their autumn plumage!

#dragon #autumn #plushies

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