can't stop won't stop

(until I run out of eyes; I placed another order that includes some slit-pupil ones that work better with more colors)

Truck carrying gaming dice spills on Atlanta highway, rolls an estimated 756,000

"The truck was undamaged, having made its saving throw."

My birthday is this week, and to celebrate, I want to give all of you a present! πŸŽ‰

This week only, every #tabletop map in my Gumroad store is on sale, including the brand new "Lunar Outpost" map.
Just use code SEPTEMBER to get 10% off!


#map #ttg #hexmap #tabletopgames #MastoArt #CreativeToots

Next up: another dragon notebook:

Next up is probably the four Hogwarts notebooks, then I'll wander off into the dog-themed stuff. Don't wanna drop my nerdy fans right into the non-nerdy ones cold. 😁

OH at the Magic table: "He's a ten thousand year old demon! Put him back!"

Here to pick up the kid from her d&d game and the evening clerk just came on shift at the game store so the soundtrack to their game is now Highway to Hell. 😁

Bought the kid some D&D enamel pins for her birthday and now that's all Etsy wants to suggest for me.

... kinda okay with that, actually.

The silver shield dragon is now up in the shop (yes, that means the blue marble dragon is headed to a new home).

That's the D&D-inspired one. I await my C&D from Wizards. πŸ˜†


Behold: the greater and lesser sea dragons, and the silver shield dragon.

The greater sea dragon is very extra.

There's a few more pictures of all of them on the blog:

#dragon #mastoart #art #sewing #etsy

Still haven’t rinsed the last of the stabilizer off the ampersands, and really should trim the tiny jump threads between the letters.

And the stitching is done. I accidentally picked up a second piece of blue so I re-did that die in a second color (I have eleven sparkle colors *plus* the crit-success D20 is in holo and not sparkle, so I didn’t want any dupes) and of COURSE it was the D10, so now I can roll percentile.

The top tab will get snaps installed so they can have either split rings or swivel hooks.

Nerding out over here a little tonight.

(Yeah, there’s some top stabilizer that needs picked off or, more likely, rinsed out - it’s water-soluble but often just tears away. And I’m not putting the snaps in until I have all ten dragon fobs cut out, and all eight dice fobs stitched and cut.)

Took me partway through before I realized that by "play" some D&D he meant "not DM" so go into this being aware of that:

I guess the white backdrop does do better (after I picked off the million tiny bits of multicolored minky fluff). Also she says Lessa should wear something more than a negligee, good grief.

Broke down and bought our own copy, despite having no room for new games on the KALLAX.

Forgot I had a couple more dragons awaiting listing: a black and a white five-spike, in the 4.5" size (actually closer to 5" since they have longer necks than the others).

Behold, a dragon larger than my embroidery hoop. (With only slight alignment issues this time.)

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