Now accepting FIVE dice bag commissions! For $30 you get a headshot drawing and a dice bag printed with your character's face and name!

- double sided
- approx. 4.5x6.5 inches
- free shipping in the US!
- PayPal and Square accepted!

DM if you're interested!

#dnd #ttrpg #rpg #tabletop #dungeonsanddragons #illustration #mastoart #creativetoots #portrait #headshot #tiefling #halforc #drow #illustrator #roleplaying #oc #originalcharacter

What're the best tabletop RPG instances? With G+'s death, I figure that huge TTRPG community probably migrated a few places.

And MeWe is pretty bad, so I'm hoping there's a good Masto solution.

Lost my job, no new job yet, inventory clearance, 16 Feb pt2: Full persian bracelets in anodized aluminum and neoprene, stretchy, no clasp needed, fits 7" - 8" wrist size. $20 ea including USA shipping to

Followup: it's probably more fun with more than two (kid was off at the D&D table) so we brought it home, along with Small World. Both rentals; pretty sure the KALLACES are maxed out and we'd have to trade something in to make room for more games.

Tomorrow night is the regularly-scheduled weekly board game night at the FLGS so that pretty much seems like the best ignore-that-it's-Valentine's-Day plan ever.

I kinda feel bad that I found that place because they hit like on my silver dragon in my Insta feed, and I don't really know if it was a legit like or if they just hit on everything that's tagged like all the other clearly-mercenary hits I get, but they're still pretty dice.

Head assembly is all hand-sewing, through four(!) thicknesses of upholstery fabric. It's... not going quickly. The head gusset is sewn in on the left side only, the chin gusset isn't even started. 😩

Also I sewed the ear for that side but am not sewing it *on* until the rest is done (because my thread already gets hung up on all the pointy bits), and I forgot to pin it in place for the picture. You'll hafta look at the previous post in this thread for that.

#question, I don't remember the name of a role-playing game. You play as an animal and you have to commit a crime, and I'm pretty sure that everyone need to wear a hat?

Maybe it didn't need a GM, but I'm not sure. ^^'
#help #rpg

The time is now for giant robot action! The #BattleTech box sets I worked on are now available online and in stores!

I can't tell you all how excited I am to see a product I worked on become a Real Thing! If you pick up a copy, I'd love to see your action shots! 😊

#mecha #mechwarrior #TabletopGames

Time to put up the ice dragon and make a book box for the felt cats for my mother-in-law's birthday. But first, a quick little Valentine's Day beanie dragon. πŸ’“πŸ‰

Look at this little dragon curled up on its pile of gold. LOOK AT IT!

But Karen, you say, why would you buy one of @quietsnooze 's little dragons when you are making your own? BECAUSE NONE OF MINE HOLD DICE is why.

(yes it should properly be the polyhedrals but the Fudge dice were closer to hand)

Hi, our DM is too busy to resume our campaign any time soon.

It would be cool to find someone local to San Francisco who would be up for DMing weekly(?) sessions, how does one go about that? Hang out in game shops? Look for subreddits or forums? I've never had to do this before.

Failing that, can someone recommend online resources? Skype/gchat/matrix/etc? Companion software?

Any tips @maenad ?

I have the strange urge to start casting fantasy wargaming metal miniatures again. Haven't done that since the late eighties. I wonder if my mother ever knew I was using a propane torch in my bedroom.

Well, that's certainly been awhile. (721 number would have been sometime between 1985 and 1992. Given that it was 2400 baud, probably toward the end of that span.)

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