Forgot I had a couple more dragons awaiting listing: a black and a white five-spike, in the 4.5" size (actually closer to 5" since they have longer necks than the others).

Behold, a dragon larger than my embroidery hoop. (With only slight alignment issues this time.)

OH at the open game night at FLGS: "It's really hard to dab when you're holding a bugbear."

Aaaaand the pattern is released (including the SVG source, so even if you don't have an embroidery machine but you needed a Pernese #dragon silhouette you can at least use that with a little editing to remove the outer stitching and merge the satin-stitched tail back into the main silhouette).


First batch of dragons are up!

(Yeah I promise I'm not gonna post every single time I put something in the shop, I'm just kinda excited about the first "real" products with color and size variations and I *think* I got the Etsy listing editor mostly figured out here. Pretty sure I need to do something so it can combine shipping on multiple items, but I am also pretty sure I can refund that for now.)

Tiiiiiiny white dragon. (Not stuffed yet.)

Tomorrow is supposed to be overcast so we'll see if I get them finished and adequately photographed, but the plan is to finish a big batch of fire lizards and a smaller batch of five-spike, embroidered-eye dragons (like the pink and lavender ones I showed earlier) and put them in my Etsy store Saturday morning (EST).

Used up my two(!) open containers of panko crumbs and now I think we need to make an epic dice tower. Also, found purple clearanced ribbon with Platonic solids on it (d4, d6, d8 only, alas) in case anybody needs to replace the drawstrings on their Crown Royal dice bags. πŸ˜‰

Now accepting FIVE dice bag commissions! For $30 you get a headshot drawing and a dice bag printed with your character's face and name!

- double sided
- approx. 4.5x6.5 inches
- free shipping in the US!
- PayPal and Square accepted!

DM if you're interested!

#dnd #ttrpg #rpg #tabletop #dungeonsanddragons #illustration #mastoart #creativetoots #portrait #headshot #tiefling #halforc #drow #illustrator #roleplaying #oc #originalcharacter

What're the best tabletop RPG instances? With G+'s death, I figure that huge TTRPG community probably migrated a few places.

And MeWe is pretty bad, so I'm hoping there's a good Masto solution.

Lost my job, no new job yet, inventory clearance, 16 Feb pt2: Full persian bracelets in anodized aluminum and neoprene, stretchy, no clasp needed, fits 7" - 8" wrist size. $20 ea including USA shipping to

Followup: it's probably more fun with more than two (kid was off at the D&D table) so we brought it home, along with Small World. Both rentals; pretty sure the KALLACES are maxed out and we'd have to trade something in to make room for more games.

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