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The latest issue of Questing Beast’s Glatisant is out today. Lots of great links as usual.

I forgot to share the Ramanan Sivaranjan Awards for Excellence in Gaming here on Mastodon. I suppose this is the ultimate level of no hype or fanfare. Some books I enjoyed:

An idea I read on James’s blog Grognardia long ago, which I quite liked, was what he called “D&D is always right”. Rather than assume the idiot choices the designer of some old module from the 80s made are incorrect, give them the benefit of the doubt! Try and work out how the oddly placed monsters, treasure, and traps fit into a coherent whole. Treat it like a creative exercise and you’ll end up with something good. My dilemma is I can’t actually find this blog post, though i’m sure it exists!

Jason Tochi of 24XX fame wrote a great post a little while ago about what he calls the three layers of rules: social, fictional, and abstract. If you’re interested in game design it’s a great way to think about things, especially in more rules light games. Where do the unspoken rules go? Probably to the social and fictional layers.

My favourite OSR newsletter is out with its latest collection of links: I love the Glatisant, and not just because it links to my blog. There is a lot of good stuff throughout, but I thought the dungeon design and world building sections were extra good this go around.

Another friend Brendan responds to Alex. I love to see this much blogging. This is good as well. Thinking about rules in terms of prosthetics.

My friend Alex discusses "Fuck You Design", an interesting response of sorts to my post about negative space in RPGs.

His post in turn has me wanting to write more myself. I love simple systems, so I am always looking for a good minimalist one. The problem is so many miss the mark. It takes a lot of care to make one that isn’t just you filling in all the holes with D&D as you remember it.

Spotted on the NSR discord. This is amazing:

“I made a post-apocalyptic name generator for an upcoming collaborative project. We combined 200+ names from the Iliad and Odyssey with hot-rod terminology to get some really whacky results that are perfect for our setting.”

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I think @funkaoshi is on the right track here. While I hope to have fine mine conversations with them in the #fediverse I will definitely be following them in ONE location...with #RSS no less!!


Still finding it a struggle to get invested in Mastadon. It suffers from the problems of twitter (short posts, no comments), while also lacking the critical mass of people. The later might change slowly, but I discussion via threads is still disappointing. A shame never caught on. Feels like a better fit for RPG discussion. Was reminded of it again today.

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You can grab the PDF of Grok on The cover isn’t even the best picture in this book! Worth checking out just for the art. Everything else is a nice bonus. Best dollar I have spent in a good long while.

I’m @savevstpk on Twitter, and run the blog Save vs. Total Party Kill. This account exists to talk about D&D and it’s friends. games and all that. I guess I am also obsessed with Warhammer. Who isn’t?

Part of the . Or when we are playing story games.

On deck to play Torchbearer next week. Anyone have good advice or resources for players. I have forgotten just how extra this game is. 😂 Brendan wrote about the first edition, advice for D&D players. What else is out there?

“In a dramatic game … not deciding whether you hate your mother or whether you want to poison or sleep with your rival will stall the game.”— Paul T, ethnographer of the . His thoughts taken from discord after running 4 games of Cartel with us.

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