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Alex’s advice on how to illustrate your own stuff is good, and the advice seems more broadly applicable to many other activities.

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this is just to say that January is subscriber requests month on my comradery page and 10$ subscribers on my comradery page get to request a piece of spot art:

(perfect if you are doing #zinequest / #zinemonth & need some art!)

tell your friends! I need more things to draw!

(also there's over 100 other pieces of spot art & 4 short RPGs)


I’m not doing dungeon23 mostly because I don’t want to, but for those of you who are: don’t over think it all. Sean presented a simple and lightweight way to make a giant dungeon. Turning that into a job is a mistake.

The used rule book for Mordheim sells for $100+ bucks nowadays, so here we are. I’ve started painting an Undead warband. Will see how they fare in my local game stores league. Looking forward to confirming that Warcry is the better game. 😂

Played some Silver Bayonet today. A skirmish game crossing Napoleonics with Vampires and Werewovles. It has some similarities with Frostgrave, but it differs in ways that seem both interesting and better. We played two games: it was a good time.

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Better Legends is a local artist and friend. He's having a sale.

If you want a cool gift for a gamer, grab something from a local artist whose work has been all over the coolest parts of the OSR.


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On today's Between Two Cairns, @bradkerr and me review the classic BFRP adventure "Blackapple Brugh" and discuss whether it is pronounced "broo" or "bruh", perhaps for way too long!

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I fully illustrated the third party Mothership adventure Prison Station Echo (except for the maps). The print copies have been recently mailed and are also available at some online stores. My style is more cartoony than what is usually expected from Mothership but I think that it create an interesting contrast with the game.

I also drew the mini portraits of the pregens for The Drain, another third party adventure. Maybe one day I will illustrate my own Mothership scenarios.

Another game in the space I am interested in is Brawl Arcane 28. The rules are quite simple, but seeing Ana’s take on the game was quite cool.

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Today @EvlynMoreau posted a bunch of excellent woody folks to her patreon, and I just had to write a little something about them. They'd make an excellent wandering encounter for your #cairn game, good Friends in my own #BrighterWorlds, or whimsical NPCs in your fantasy #ttrpg of choice.

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Every day, I'm picking blog posts I want to appear in my "end of week" list. Then, on Sunday morning, I filter once again as I turn the list into a blog post, adding a quote for each post. There is this hope that I will find a gem of a post and that it will reach more readers thanks to the eow list.

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A reminder to folks moving to Mastodon: please add your handle to this (145 and growing!) list of folks to follow! Do you want to import this list into your own account?

Well here's a thread as well.

You need to follow everyone ... so you can unfollow everyone.

Zedeck discussing cohost on cohost, and its vaguely G+ mode of conversation. Posts and comments make a big difference when it comes to discussion, from my perspective.

Almost certainly inspired by our inability to play through The Cursed Chateau last night, Alex writes about one-scene adventures as another form of one-shot play.

For quite some time I would say I do most of my "talking about RPGs" on small discord servers and via my blog and RSS feed.

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