“Your identity is not a commodity, and should not be expressed through the commodities you buy. If Marxist critique ever had any overriding point of value to make, and it surely did, then it was surely that.” Noism’s two cents on the OGL dramatics.

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@funkaoshi Maybe I need to back his thing just to show some love? 😮

@phf I've been thinking the same thing. I remember @funkaoshi said very many years ago on the blogs that sometimes buying a book is also just a way of saying: I support this blogger. So Peter, are you going to run it for us after Zothay? 🎅

@phf OK, joined the consumer-train. Might be using Halberts if I ever do run it! 😆

@kensanata @phf Yeah, for sure some amount of the stuff I back on Kickstarter is some form of philanthropy by way of rabid consumerism.

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