Cut all the mold lines and weird, triangle-shaped bits from this Be'lakor demon prince mini by GW and there were quite a lot of them! Still love the sculpt, but the casting is quite bad. Especially the sword feels flimsy easily bends...

@floi Weird triangle bits. -___- Man the clean up is beyond shitty on Forge World stuff. Worst resin I've ever seen, and I'm including some garage kits with degraded molds.

@paintandwires Yea, it actually made me wonder if they just took the old molds and used resin instead. That's probably not what happenend, but the casting is obviously low-effort. Which is probably why they sell these exclusively by mail order...

@floi I have a theory that they made a new mold off of the metal models- I think the little triangles and bars are gates to make sure the resin gets down in all the parts it needs to because they have to pour it now instead of spin casting. And then the resin totally doesn't get in the parts it needs to and a bunch of details are missing or obliterated with bubbles. >:(


@paintandwires Yes, that's a much better theory than mine!

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