Aww, my friend gifted me a Patreon subscription for my favorite miniature painting Youtuber, including a shoutout in their latest video. So happy

Finished the knight tonight, but pictures will have to wait for daylight

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Been experimenting with GW's Reikland Flesh shade for a reddish gold effect and I think I like it! Guy still looks a bit boring right now, but that should get better with horse and shield.

Actually, I just realized that this might be a good place to talk about politics and tabletop wargaming! If I can manage to sort my thoughts into toot-form...

Cut all the mold lines and weird, triangle-shaped bits from this Be'lakor demon prince mini by GW and there were quite a lot of them! Still love the sculpt, but the casting is quite bad. Especially the sword feels flimsy easily bends...

Hi everyone, this is my !

While I do like and play boardgames (recent favorite: ), I'm
mostly here for tabletop wargaming ( and ) and
. After painting a lot at the end of last year, I've now
hit a bit of a slump. So I'm gonna try to regularly post works in progress and other pictures
to help with my painting laziness!

My other masto accounts are @floi (main) and
@floi (Magic the Gathering).

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