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Okay, a bit of self-promotion! Sort of! The Kickstarter just launched for Thirteen Demon Princes, a dating show LARP where the demonic royalty of Hell try to romance the Morning Star. It's by the excellent Taylor LaBresh, but I am also on the character kit writing team, along with a whole wonderful crew of contributors! Check it out!

This week's Gauntlet Hangouts video roundup post is live on the Gauntlet Blog! Special congrats to Lowell Francis on posting his 100th Gauntlet Hangouts session in 2018!

Don't guess it matters here since I haven't been that active anyway, but just leaving the message that I'm gonna be largely offline for like a week. If anybody's going to QCC, hope to see you there!

This video by Mikey is so good!

It's the first video I've seen (some may have it, I just haven't seen it) on the subject of Thanos that addresses what he does to Nebula, and it talks about artistic responsibility in film in an easily accessible way.

Watch "Let's Talk about Thanos - Movies with Mikey" on YouTube

"While entire swaths of us will decry the imaginary borders of nationalism, we will simultaneously hold up the even more imaginary boundaries of gaming silos." - Bluestocking's Organic Gaming: Wide Awake: The New Gate Keepers of Gaming

36 hours remain in the campaign to bring the Codex Edition of The BLOODY-HANDED NAME of BRONZE to life — and the funding of the campaign is close enough to smell the sweat that streaks the kohl from its eyes!

SHARE and BACK to bring forth the WORDS in the SECRET LANGUAGE of NAMES that will summon it from the Waters of the Underworld!

Oooh, yeah! Got everything I need for Kyle Simons' Operators from Samjoko Publishing. This game uses Fate dice and decks of action cards to guide players through super-exciting scenes of an action-espionage thriller! Very slick!

On Hastag etiquette #HashtagEttiquette 

Hi friends, one thing you can do to make hastag friendlier is to capitalise words.

Here is two example:


Not only it helps blind people (the capitalisation help their reader software).
It also help dyslexic people to recognise the word.

Pass it on.

Hey #Fediverse. When you post pictures, please please please with puppies on top fill in that description box for the visually impaired. You will be helping us out tremendously. We want to enjoy your pictures as much as others do. You don't have to write a novel, but just fill in some details.

Thanks with much love:
A Blind Dude

The weekly Gauntlet Hangouts Video Roundup post is now live at the Gauntlet Blog! What a bumper crop this week!

If you wanna read a bit about the game, check out the "Five or So Questions" interview that @briecs did with the creator!

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I just backed Free Spacer by Christoph Sapinsky. It's a cool-lookin' game and could use a little love. Check it out!

I saw BlacKkKlansman today. It was pretty damn amazing.

Do I know anyone into sprite development for video games on here? Down to pay (ofc!) - just wanna have you in my roster.

Namely also do I know any copywriters on here? Every game needs an excellent story.

<Please boost so I can try to get this ball rolling>

Humble suggestion that “shitposting” on masto be renamed to “pooptootin”

This week's Gauntlet Hangouts video roundup post is up, and it's full of great games! Check it out!

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