@Ackthrice For RPGs: Stop, Hack, & Roll, RPG Design Panelcast, and Design Doc are primarily focused on design. Also RPG Design Friends is good, but it's on hiatus right now. Misdirected Mark and Bonus Experience split between design discussion and gaming advice.

I saw The Farrier's Bellows was already mentioned, but I +1 that one, too!

So I reached out to the shadowy cabal of people that run the Miskatonic University Podcast and they've set us up a forum there!

We are dedicated to finding real world myths, news, history, conspiracies that would serve as good fodder for adventures, NPCs, and characters. Feel free to come and join us.


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Dang I actually look cute here! Shoot! What is this!

If you reshare a selfie of mine, reshare this here cute boy givin' you eyes.

Description: Brie, a nonbinary person with blue and white hair, in a black shirt and pride necklace and claw earrings

@briecs I once saw you at a convention, but we may not have spoken offline, I don't think!

youve heard of catgirls
youve heard of catboys

now get ready for:
nyanbinary people

OH DANG I just saw that Spire from Rowan, Rook, & Decard is the DTRPG Deal of the Day today and is half-off! If you haven't checked this game out yet, this is a good day to do so! drivethrurpg.com/product/23567

Dang, I haven't visited the fediverse in a minute. Gotta get back in that habit!

This week's Gauntlet Hangouts video roundup post is live on the Gauntlet Blog, including a link to the Gauntlet Con 2018 playlists. More great videos to watch while you're backing the Codex Volume 1 Kickstarter. 😉 Only days left! Post has details! gauntlet-rpg.com/blog/gauntlet

This week's Gauntlet video roundup post is live on the Gauntlet Blog! And to join in on games like these, don't forget that is happening RIGHT NOW! Details in the roundup. gauntlet-rpg.com/blog/gauntlet

This week's Gauntlet video roundup post is now live on the Gauntlet Blog! Check it out! And don't forget, next week is Gauntlet Con, and the Codex Volume 1 Kickstarter campaign is still going strong! More details in the roundup. gauntlet-rpg.com/blog/gauntlet

For , I wrote a whole screed which you can find if you have me on some long-form social media platform. But the tl;dr of it all is that I'm queer. It doesn't come up much, but I am. And I'm saying it BECAUSE it never comes up. Be who you are. You're cool!

This week's Gauntlet video roundup post is now live on the Gauntlet Blog! While you're there, also don't miss the chance to check out the Codex Volume 1 Kickstarter campaign. See post for details! gauntlet-rpg.com/blog/gauntlet

boost this to convince me to call the doctor to set up an appointment to get help for my mental illness (this is the strangest, most authentic and shameless thing I've ever tooted)

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