I think the day after Thanksgiving is the one time I'm down for dinner for breakfast.

Honestly, I don't know the last time I've been as excited about a game I'm making as I am for Academia Animalia.

I cannot wait for the world to see my fireball-chucking bears and raccoons in skeleton armor.

me: *screaming into the abyss*

the abyss: this could have been an email

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What flavor of ttrpg conversation are you most wanting at this exact moment?

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[Oregon Trail 1852]

Doctor: Any final words?

Man dying of dysentery: *coughing* I just hope that this gruesome experience isn’t made into a game for children to play.

I don't know much, but I know this is where all the space aliens are hiding

Hello, gamers!

I'm Jim Crocker, a Gen X gamer whose spent most of his professional life in tabletop-adjacent spaces, as a store owner, event organizer, facilitator, and freelance creator and sales associate for IPR.

I run and play a lot of PBTA and adjacent story games. Happy to be part of the conversation here and looking forward to getting back to regular content creation and convention attendance after the utter chaos of the last few years.

I feel like the tradition needs to be kept alive here on Mastodon. You know what to do.

#TomHolland #Zendaya #LipSyncBattle

Sherwood sold 72 copies in three weeks, which is nothing in Kickstarter terms, but blows away all of my other project's first month sales after launch, including Barrow Keep. So I've put together a Character Creation walkthrough for those outlaws out there.


Bundle of Holding currently has all six of Engine Publishing's bestselling system-neutral GMing books in DRM-free PDF for $10.

That's hundreds of pages of everything from NPCs (1,000) and plots (501) to GMing advice on session and campaign prep, improvisation, and running great sessions.

I loved working on and publishing these books. Getting them for less than the cost of, like, two cups of fancy coffee? Pretty danged awesome deal.



I believe the #ttrpg community relies too much on PDFs. It is cheaper (free), easier, and more accessible (to both creators and users) to produce games in other formats like HTML/CSS.

I want to help folks learn how to do it for themselves. I write a blog called Coding Character Sheets with guides to HTML, CSS, and JavaScript aimed at beginners and game designers: nothingventuredgames.com/codin

#html #css #javascript

Here is a taste of #Decuma, my tarot-based world building game. It creates character connections, a map, NPCs, and world history/politics in 60-90 min! It's designed to be played before your #ttrpg campaign and works with any setting or system! #worldbuilding #sessionzero #indiedev #indiegame goldenlassogames.com/

Hi folks, I'm Strix, an award winning narrative designer for video games and TTRPGs. I'm the Project Narrative Director at Hidden Path Entertainment, where we're currently working on a AAA Dungeons & Dragons game!

I've also worked on:
Journeys Through the Radiant Citadel
Van Richten's Guide to Ravenloft
Bluebeard's Bride
State of Decay 2
Beyond Blue
Raccoon Lagoon
Lots and lots of indie TTRPGs

Self explanatory statements below. I have a theory on this.
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Good morning! for today's #FollowFriday I would love anyone who is a #poc / #bipoc to comment below and introduce themselves/their work!

If you're yt, please boost this post and find some folks to follow/boost in the replies ✨

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it’s intro time 

Quick #introduction post!

Hi, I’m Maz. I’m the Rowan bit of Rowan, Rook & Decard. We make #ttrpg books, including DIE: the RPG, Heart: The City Beneath, Spire: The City Must Fall and many others. Related: I like semicolons.

I’m not my work, but I’ve done a bunch of interesting stuff. Helped launch Guardian Australia, BBC Sounds & Audible Sweden. Ran advice & strategy at Citizens Advice for a bit. Live in Sheffield. Font fan, tea enthusiast & starter of many crochet blankets.

are we doing #introduction ? we're tabletop hotdish, a minnesota printer focused on small ttrpg games and zines.

we also design rpgs but are kind of trying to move out of the growth-at-all-costs mindset there and take it a little slower.

Time for an introduction!

🐰 Plotbunny Games is a new publisher for games and books from Berlin, Germany. #TTRPG #pnpde #storygames

🎲 We publish role-playing games, story games, and worldbuilding games; from fantasy to science fiction to real-world stuff; as German originals and as translations.

🎨 We like it newbie-friendly, well-explained, and attractively designed.

🌈 Great games by marginalized creators are especially close to our heart in all of this.

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