Hi all, I'm a relative tabletop newbie. Somehow dodged D&D throughout my entire youth, despite really wanting to try it, but picked up roleplaying in my mid 30s. Currently into storytelling and PbtA games. I'm also a writer on a MUD, and make interactive video projection installations when inspiration strikes. Shooting for "(un)cool gay aunt" vibes at all times. :thinkergunsunglasses:

@fingerguns I used to code on MUD's back in the late 90's ... Still pop back onto Discworld MUD once or twice a year to say Hi :)

@fingerguns if you're up for something a bit more crunchy, I was line developer for a steampunk game using the same mechanic as Earthdawn. Want to play a labor organizer or street mage in the Victorian Era? DM for the Dropbox link, I've got the entire set in PDF.

@fingerguns I couldn't dodge D&D. It was literally the only game in town when I started (1978). (Note: not the only game made, just the only game you could find where I lived at the time.)

I haven't played PtbA games yet. I'm more Fate or Spark these days, though, which are related in being more narrative-focused. What's the elevator pitch for PtbA in your eyes?

@zdl if I'm being honest, I haven't played enough of a variety of game systems to tell you that. But from what I've read of Fate & Spark, their narrative-to-mechanics focus seems roughly on par with the PbtA games I've played (Monsterhearts, The Veil, Thirsty Sword Lesbians; but that might be more reflective of those specific games, than the game system itself).

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