Last week I got to play Dialect (, and had a lot of fun.

With three people, all playing for our first time, we told a story about steam ship cabaret performers and part time refugee smugglers, in under the expected 3-4 hour play time.

I'd go again.

Arguably the novel The Empress of Forever describes a universe on a parallel course:

not quite glitching from bad quality power, but bumping up against resource caps until the universe starts killing processes.....

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I want to author a fiction setting which takes place in a digital simulation that is in the process of being powered down.

In digital appliances, the process of going from full power to zero power is a continuous curve, even though it looks to us like an immediate toggle.

I wonder what a universe would look like which was experiencing a brownout that lasts (from the perspective of the inhabitants) for thousands of years.

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birdsite link, skimpy MMORPG armor, implied battle injuries 

I love this so much. Source:

"our dwarven engineers came up with a new armor design protecting against the typical injuries sustained by warriors returning from battles in the netherworld"

A while back, a friend of mine DMed a game of D&D set in her own Mediterranean bronze age inspired world, putting her own spin on a lot of forgotten realms analogues.

I contributed my own take on myconids, which I'm sharing, that satisfy my desire to be friends with mushrooms much better than the source material ever could.

Monsterhearts skin - now with links 

I wrote a breakdown of my thought process while attempting to to make a supernatural version of the Mastermind skin---which both validated the original design, as I mentioned, but also evolved into its own destinct character.

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The MUD that I write for is US-ASCII charset only (boo) and the inability to make emoji fingerguns there is biphobic.

re: Monsterhearts skin 

At first I was disappointed that I had made a skin that wasn't explicitly supernatural. I briefly tried to rewrite it in supernatural form (hmm, what else is angry at losing everything? a fallen angel, maybe?) but in hashing everything out, I realized that I got it pretty much right the first time around.

Someone whose anger propels them into preposterous schemes is pretty monstrous on their own; no need for allegory.

Anyway, time for playtesting soon.

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re: Monsterhearts skin 

I put a lot of effort into describing how a Mastermind player should concoct a "master plan", then at its climax deliver a victory monologue to the MC, but what I'm most proud of is a move called "unhinged"

"When you let your long-simmering anger explode, gain the Condition unhinged. While you are unhinged, swap your Dark and Volatile stats."

It's simple, but underscores how the skin's entire motivation is driven by rage at being denied something they feel they deserve.

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Monsterhearts skin 

After too much time in my brain, I finally exorcised a monsterhearts skin by writing it down.

I called it Mastermind, which is kind of a synonym for "evil genius" or "mad scientist" but doesn't connote a sci-fi setting or prescribe a theme for the character.

The archetype is someone who's suffered a grave (perceived) injustice, and as a result obsesses over elaborate revenge fantasies. This is a type who shows up a lot in stories!

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