every time i see the phrase "sustainable palm oil" my eyeballs roll so far back into my head i can see my own brain quivering

things #4 pig usidore will try to eat:

1) the plastic used to keep the floor under the cage dry
2) bin bag with pig poop in it
3) toes :(

things usidore refuses to eat under any circumstances:

1) fruit

had to Google what a vsco girl is and I still dont understand

I am aging rapidly, absolutely torpedoing towards the grave

watched a crappy cam rip of the new joker movie purely because I heard Jared leto was upset about it and hmm

here he is.... round boy Travis.... walrus shaped....

due to my severe underestimation of how ridiculously dramatic teenage boy guinea pigs are, the population of pig town has now increased to 5

(its partially clint's fault)

friend says he can run a game...i am... Frothing at the mouth

Saw an ad for a dnd group and got excited then realised the ad never specified which building it was in or who to contact about it :v

shout out to whoever it was that stole that golden toilet 👌​

we sure do live in interesting times, huh

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Iceland holds funeral for 700-year-old glacier killed by climate change

Iceland's Okjokull glacier spanned 15 square miles in 1901. Now it spans less than half a square mile.



that being said tho, i still think that dream I had as a kid about jim carey trying to kill me with an axe is equal parts funny and terrifying

me: *tries to relax*
viddy game: have u considered revisiting the subconscious manifestations of ur anxiety during ur waking moments?

im going through HoT and at that bit where big gribbly chases u through a cave that's tries to slow u down at every turn and tbh that's what 80% of my nightmares are about, so uh, we ain't having fun over here chief

WHOMST is mowing their grass at 11pm?????

ppl who think a dog walk only takes 5 minutes are absolutely wild, like enjoy constantly cleaning up accidents and damages in ur house i guess????

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