Leo (Monk(Kensei)/Rouge(scout) and Del (Rouge(Inquisitive)/Monk(Kensei) WArforged 4 life!

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Thom Bartel (Rogue/thief/Cleric/Trickery) and Sylvian Duskwalker (Ranger/Hunter)

Ms Chastity Lovelace, guild mistress of the requiem of the night.

you guys my new computer comes in today and im so freaking excited my head might explode.

no matter what you like or what your plans are.... make today the day you're not on fire.

Gilander MacKelleg (Swashbuckler/rouge) and Faye (Draconic/Sorceress)#CommissionedArt &d

"I have a one-eyed god in the back of my head screaming for blood and you're the only one here I don't like." - half-orc paladin to far too smarmy high wizard.

hey peeps, I was wondering if any of you have any leads on good airship lay outs. the party just got one in the story and I can't seem to find any easy layouts to use.

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As some of you may know, I'm launching a game specifically designed to introduce newbies to the game. In particular, I'm hoping to offer an "in" to people who haven't felt welcome/safe to play before.

As such, I don't want them to feel like they need to buy something up front, so I'd like to have a couple of "table copies" of the PHB. If you want to help, you can contribute here:

Boosts also appreciated!

Happy New Year My Peeps! Make this the year you're not on Fire!

Merry Christmas Peeps. and may Anvendra bless you all this season with the change you need in your life.

All PC's are brave until they realize the enemy has Player Class levels.

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