The users of BoardGameGeek tend to like heavier games.

The bar graph clearly shows how the top 50 games have a higher average weight than the lesser-ranked games.

The line graph shows the weight as a function of ranking together with the moving average.

@erik_a_sunden Interesting but not surprising. I find it important that BGG users realize, that they are likely only a small part of a very wide hobby, and their views on what is a "good" game are not a common stance.
In more confrontational terms: I sometimes get the impression of a certain... Elitism in online Boardgame communities.

@caraplayingstuff I created this as a reminder for myself, a game designer who typically does lighter games. :)

@erik_a_sunden yeah, sort of the origin of the idea "BGG is not representative of the boardgaming population at large" given the self-selection bias inherent in using a visually unappealing website dedicated to a niche topic.


I will make the observation that those same users are declaring what the "weight" is of the games in question. As someone that dips into other gaming spheres my observation is that what they deem the weight of a game to be has as much to do with its shipping weight as its play weight.

This adds some complexity into the analysis.

@erik_a_sunden I'm curious about how many games falls within 1-1.5 and 4.5-5 ranges in general.
Guess not a lot of games end up with weight at the extreme ends.

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