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I have several early prototypes at the moment and I want to structure my thoughts about them. So I let you all into my thought process where I try to answer: why do I want to make this game? What is it that tickles my designer brain? And finally, For who am I making this game?


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Hi all!

My name is Erik Andersson Sundén. I am a board game designer and an applied nuclear physicist. On the other site, I had the same username as I have here:

I have designed two published board games: (published by AEG) and (published by HeidelBÄR games).

As a nuclear physicist, I specialise in nuclear measurements and in particular I know a lot about neutrons. Will mostly talk about games, though.

Promotion, Rolling With Two, Gasha 

New videos rolled in today about Gasha!

First up is our two-player and accessibility analysis. Check out our channel for our review video.

The users of BoardGameGeek tend to like heavier games.

The bar graph clearly shows how the top 50 games have a higher average weight than the lesser-ranked games.

The line graph shows the weight as a function of ranking together with the moving average.

I like to see the how the number of distinct users changes over time. I use it to find out if the games are loosing momentum and interest.

Hungry Monkey was played more during Spiel, it seems.

Also note the increase of plays of Whirling Witchcraft around Halloween. :)

Happy self promotion regarding my design Hungry monkey 

, designed by me and published by
HeidelBÄR Games, is still among the top 100 best-ranked games released at on BoardGameGeek. I am pleasantly surprised that the gamers at BGG have taken this little family card game to their hearts.


Ho! You fell for my clever marketing ploy!

That is Illimat, a very interesting game that we played and recorded on for an upcoming podcast episode. One of the things I mentioned when recording was that the artist apparently didn't look at any other games before creating the look and feel for this one -- truly unique, a mix of black and white with just a bit of muted colors. Gives it an "elegance" (in the true use of the word.) The game box in the middle is part of the play.

Tomorrow, I’ll meet my friends from my childhood. We meet a few times a year to catch up and play board games.

I look forward to laughter and sharing of both memories and current situations. All around the gaming table.

I look forward to trying out The Great Split!

illustrated Whirling Witchcraft as well as The Great Split and I met him for the first time at . We were both happy to see each other for the first time in real life!

Point to point movement games is basically Matt Leacock's own little corner of the coop space.

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Variable player powers are a clever way of making players feel unique, despite the fact that all players are going for the same common goal.

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Real-time games are common among the suggestions! Follow this link for a Venn diagram o all Real-time games and what other characteristics the share.

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