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Hey do y'all happen to know of anyone running on a system? I'd like to, but without having to figure it out myself, if possible.

@emsenn I don't, unfortunately. But I'll boost this to see if anyone else does

I tried to package it, I think I have all the dependencies packaged, but writefreely itself is still failing, saying it doesn't know about Asset. I don't know where it's supposed to come from.
@write_as @writefreelyhost

@roptat If you were having issues using the official build, there was an issue with these that we just resolved (more info: github.com/writeas/writefreely)

@emsenn @writefreelyhost

No it's not the official build. I don't have network access in the build environment so I need to package dependencies beforehand.

It's a build failure where go tells me it can't find Asset. Where is it supposed to come from? Am I missing a dependency or a build step?
@emsenn @writefreelyhost

@roptat Missing a build step then. It should be taken care of by the normal setup steps, but you can solve this particular issue with: make assets

@emsenn @writefreelyhost

@write_as @emsenn @writefreelyhost
Thanks! I was able to build it! Now I need to do some cleaning and make sure it actually works, then I'll submit it to Guix proper :-)


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