1) I'm looking for playtesters for a short adventure, The Crown of Idbol Bark emsenn.itch.io/crown-of-idbol-
2) I've installed Guix as my desktop and plan to use it for self-hosting more stuff than I am now.
3) My laptop screen broke yesterday and now doesn't function.
4) Yesterday I watched the UEFA match and ate amazing Peruvian food.

What have y'all been up to?


1. Enjoying the Liverpool win. 😃
2. Hoping the rain lets up before my entire town floats away down the Mississippi.
3. Going to the Missouri History Museum this afternoon to see the Muny exhibit (mohistory.org/mediaroom/muny-m)

@erikstl I don't follow sportsballs so I root for the underdog by default; disappointed by yesterday's match - mostly just since that early foul-led goal seemed to set the tone for the rest of the match.

That's very cool, that exhibit! Wouldn't have thought the oldest outdoor music theater would be in missouri, but i guess i hadn't thought much about where it would be.

@erikstl This inspires me to come up with a list of "Where's your world's largest...?"

For fantasy worldbuilders. "Where's your world's largest cabbage?" "Where's your world's largest musical theater?" "Where's your world's largest collection of statuary art?"

Thanks for the inspiration.


Just got back from the museum. Found this, which gives a bit of scope as to the size of the Muny. Considering our previous convo, I thought you might find it interesting.

@emsenn the Muny is an amazing place, and we're pretty proud of it here in St. Louis.

My wife and I get season tickets with her mom and sister every summer.

With the rain we've been experiencing recently, we might be in for some fun rain delays this yea, if it keeps up like this!

@emsenn I've been working on my SF world and some of its conlang vocab in preparation for @vicorva 's 7-day writing challenge that starts tomorrow. ⌨️ :thaenkin:

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