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I'm emsenn - - and I'm a writer and developer with a few accounts in the Fediverse. This one is for talking about tabletop role-playing games, which usually will mean:
- , my ruleset derived from , focused on being good for actual-play podcasting.
- , my fantasy canon where I set most of my roleplaying adventures.
- , a series of fictions set in Teraum, potentially an upcoming podcast.

Here's another map, of a small archipelago. Marker 1 is meant to be a small dock, Marker 2 is a small woods, marker 8 is a rocky outcropping, and the others are just there for when I'll need them.

When I made maps for my D&D campaign, I made them (mostly) unlabeled and people liked that, because they could use them on their own. Well, going forward, I'm going to leave them completely unlabeled, except for numerals so one can easily write their own legend.

Check out a map of a small dock town, attached. Want your own similar map? Let me know what sort of area and I'll see if it's one I need as well, and I'll prioritize it!

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Resistor: High School, Low Life, , game.
Angry teens with brain computers, fight the system, try to change the world , & figure out who they are by what they hate in the near future San Angeles megacity.

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I added the art and maps I've got scanned in to my fantasy encyclopedia! See original post for link.

Y'all check out this ruleset by @dbisdorf - most cool part at a glance is that during the first session, players create their own big bad villian!

Hey y'all! I've been tinkering with my fantasy canon for a few hours this past week and just got around to uploading the latest draft.

There's more missing than not! But I'm really a fan of what is there.

Currently futzing with , adding my notes about Dr. Altar Sendvogue, who was an inventor during the Magical Revolution some 120 years before "present day" - specifically, writing about his invention of the "lumorb," or magic lightbulb, and the advancement of printing and intellectual property rights that it caused.

I hadn't realized until I was naming a slew of them that we have a LOT of words for different ways of yelling at someone.

As an aside, I stumbled into a naming convention for my goblins where their surname comes first, and their given name second, and their given name is an English word for some sort of vocalization.

Uznak Brag begat Uznak Taunt begat Uznak Yelp, who married Tager Groan, who begat Tager Jeer, and so on.

(Surname is inherited from whoever the more well-known of your parents are, and while goblins exist as tribes, they don't have distinct cultures - all goblins, against the world!)

Last night and now today I've been writing about the early history of goblins in my fantasy canon - their culture, to me, is very much like, american pioneer/"yay underdog!", folk heroes, labor leaders, etc., kinda vibe.

Because they're tiny and kinda dumb, they get subjugated a LOT through their history, and that's been the primary influence on their culture.

Had the fun opportunity to work on this a bit more last night, and have fleshed out goblin history a bit - a sad tale, one of oppression, but also, folk heroes and individuals standing up against much stronger forces.

I've been tinkering with my fantasy canon, - writing an encyclopedia for it - A is for Ack, the capitol town, B is for Barnabus Trent, leader of the Delvers, C is for Cokeberries, that grow in the marshes, and so on.

They're a re-do of my first attempt at cleaning up my original DM notes from a campaign I did a few years back. The original notes were 8k works, the first attempt 13k, and now the encyclopedia is 8k. But I've only copied 2k from the first attempt - so a lot of that is new!

Hey is finally working for me, so my is, well live. I'll be tinkering with , my setting.

Hey y'all! Planning to on within the hour, where I'll be working on my canon, - filling in some of the history that's there, but a bit too terse to be of any sense.

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I've just written a bit more introduction for , my setting.

The overall document is still rough, needing formatting corrections from the import of my D&D notes, but I'm slowly filling it out - up to ~13k words now, from ~11k last week. Not much progress, but I haven't given it much focus.

I've just written a bit more introduction for , my setting.

The overall document is still rough, needing formatting corrections from the import of my D&D notes, but I'm slowly filling it out - up to ~13k words now, from ~11k last week. Not much progress, but I haven't given it much focus.

Hey y'all! For the first time in... maybe like 3 years, there's a version of my fantasy canon, that even has the artwork - done by a mix of uncredited friends - and maps - done by me.

It's still real rough in a lot of ways, but art! Check it out, if you'd like.

The canon is written as a companion to , my derived ruleset being written specifically for podcasting.

For a campaign I did a couple years ago, I kept my notes inside a D&D-campaign-book themed document, and would send players redacted notes to help them keep track of stuff.

This is the note Jenos' player got sent after they acquired the pipe:

"Easy-Smoking Pipe. A wooden pipe which emits a... smoke. The... pipe... produces... smoke. This usually... has... consequences. Location: Jenos Anadini possesses the easy-smoking pipe."

@pizza_pal For example, one possible condition is Angst, which the narrator could use to say, "Alright, but until you vent or something to someone, you're gonna have a hard time applying your skills to what you do." (skill bonuses count for half, and since skills are only +1 or +2, ouch.)

@pizza_pal Outside the mechanics... so the DM is called the "narrator," because that's a more accurate description of the role they're in: they set the stage, but otherwise just kinda describe what would happen in response to player actions. Their personal touch comes in describing how things fail, or how they succeed but with a consequence - and I think, with status effects (conditions), which will I think serve as "railroad-the-player-for-free" cards for the DM/narrator...

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