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I wrote 50 levelless spells for my OSR homebrew! Lots are rewrites, but some are all-new - check out Spellify, or my Summon rules!


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Hi everyone, my name is Leonard.

I'm still relatively new to pen and paper but so far i really enjoyed the adventures i had. (D&D5e / Vampire the Masquerade)

I'm a software developer and full fletched nerd.

Why am i here? Its my dungeon masters fault => @elrathor

Hope to see some interesting stuff round here.


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refresh 2019-04-13: Surgical steel earwires, body in anodized aluminum, jewelers brass, phosphor bronze, stainless steel, copper. $10 per pair plus $1 per pair s/h in USA (postal rates went up sorry) paypal.me/tarlimanjoppos or cash.app/$tarlimanjoppos Unemployed IT guy needs groceries Please Boost

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@LeoNard Welcome! Take a tea and make yourself at home!

Finally got to play again today!

We were on our way to the main boss in our area and had to face a lot of ghouls. Boy does my Catfolk Monk now hate them. (Player included)
Got stunned every time, got Ghoulfever and nearly killed twice! We just fought with 10 or 15 of them over the course of multiple rooms.

That could get interesting. :D

Hey everyone! Finally decided to join a mastodon instance and have to say looks awesome but still learning my way around.

I am interested in a lot of stuff but mainly I play pen and paper with my colleagues and friends in homebrewed worlds. Sometimes I do a bit of coding in my free time but I think i can stop my efforts to writing my own tabletop social network now. 😅​

Besides that, I'm also trying to do some photography, writing and worldbuilding. Let's chat about that stuff!🙂​

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