@stolas not sure I understood what behavior their CoC banned to keep the alt-right out. It seems the writer assumes it's understood. A shame, as effective ways to keep an online community safe from alt-right and such could be helpful.

@eladhen I think the gist of it is that you have a CoC, then make sure that you explicitly put in a the topics that they will start flame wars over in there.

@eladhen @stolas
If I understood it correctly it's an old modus operandi from the pre-facebook forum times.

The post is vague,because the fascists are.
What ever red line you may have, they will dogwhistle and tap-dance around it until it moves further to the right.
The counter is having a short clear and simple red line and keeping the area in front of it under supervision too.
These groups made it an art to act just barely within allowed margins. So you ban then for getting close too often

@eladhen @stolas A concrete example within today's EU politics would be the frame of "unskiled migrants". It's seemingly harmless, seemingly half true; And regularly used to dehumanise and justify fascist behaviour.
The US equivalent is the "but he was a criminal" you've probably seen way too often.

Then there's of course the racists jokes, and the inflammatatory stuff.

Compare that to the specific example (a specific ingame faction) Stolas added and you will probably notice some pattern.

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