I just recorded with my co-hosts the 52nd episode of our weekly podcast, and I'm immensely proud. Yeah, we might get only 50–70 listeners per episode, but we're there every week for the last year!

We're a pillar of the Israeli ttrpg community.

Here it is (it's in Hebrew): soundcloud.com/user-818024174

I really can't stress enough: creators, many non-native English speakers have a really hard time with cursive. Yeah, it might look cool, but please don't.

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Questions for NB/trans parents, please boost 

SO and I have been discussing kids and I'm having a minor existential crisis over it. I'd like some reassurance/guidance I guess.

Do you worry that how you present/using neopronouns etc will be a cause for your kid to be bullied?

Particularly AMAB NB femmes and visibly trans people, do you worry that stigma around crossdressing is gonna have you labelled as a predator especially when picking your kid up from school unless you are [AGAB] presenting?

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Writers/translators/linguists of the Fedi. Do you have a translation software (on linux) to advise?

Not something that autotranslates text to another language but more like a texteditor/spreadsheet that organizes and highlights the source text (per sentence/paragraph) with the translation I am writing.

Free software preferred.

Israeli politics 

Israel is going into a third lockdown, with subminimal financial support to those affected. The ultra-rightwing-hyper-cspitalist-and-nationalist government is falling apart, but the left – which is quite right-leaning to begin with – is in ruins, so whatever the results of the comming elections (the fourth elections in two years), it's hard to hope for much improvement.

Great, all in all. 😒

Why are D&D memes all about adversarial GMing, with some sexual assault on top?

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Bearers of the Word: Let's Review: Perilous Tales (beta)
"perfect for that thing that came as part of a pack that you never thought you would use. You know the one. Yeah, that one."

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Autistic/adhd people would fucking thrive without capitalism

Imagine having the ability to pursue your special interests and hyperfixations completely unimpeded by having to work for a living or whatever

Imagine not being expected to mask shit and u can just,,, live

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turns out itch.io does have the ability to filter by license but it's not apparent until you find an asset that uses that license, click "more details", then click the license name.


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I saw someone post on Facebook about their 5e homebrew game of thrones game that uses spells from the star wars d20 game and has a sanity system.

Why do people insist on taking an already bad system and making it worse by just grafting in pieces it wasn't meant to support, instead of, I dunno, just playing a system designed to do what you want to do.

I find amusing the fact that all the thousands of ttrpgs-on-pdf you can buy in itch.io are categorized as "physical game"

Yesterday in "who would've thunk" – my ex-wife joined our gaming group as a player in our campaign. She only played sporadically till now (mostly with our 11 y.o. who's into ).

It was a cool first session (we took a lot of time for character introductions, although in the in-game fiction things were kinda in the middle of the action)


The current campaign I'm GMing is using , and we're having a lot of fun (playing online due to pandemic).

I'm also interested and take inspiration from a lot of writing, and I read a ton of stuff from the GLOGosphere.

I'd love to hear what y'all are playing!

Some other things that are important to me:

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Hi all,
I'm Elad, He/Him, en/עב

Just joining tabletop.social after a long time on and off other instances.

I came here looking for some fun interaction among likeminded geeks who're into

I'm a socialist, I work for a workers' union. I love ttrpgs and I host a weekly podcast about ttrpgs (in Hebrew...).

I tend to gravitate towards PbtA games, and other indie games. I also love world, city and community building games ( ) >>

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