Lost my job, no new job, trying to pay the mortgage on the family farm inventory clearance 15 Feb: blue and green anodized aluminum byzantine web necklace, $60 postpaid in the USA, contact for intl, paypal.me/tarlimanjoppos - cat not included sorry

My day job got eliminated. The vet bills from recent livestock losses have put our family farm behind on the mortgage. We're facing foreclosure and eviction. I'm offering this shirt for $600 including USA shipping, originally priced at $900 plus shipping. If the shirt is out of your reach, please boost. I have links below.


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don't 👏 call 👏 yourself 👏 a 👏 millennial 👏 if 👏 you're 👏 not 👏 even 👏 a 👏 thousand 👏 years 👏 old 👏

I got fridge poetry magnets so now I can flirt with my girlfriend via bad poetry on the fridge

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Bisexuals have been saying for decades that it's not a binary label, that you shouldnt assume bisexuals are only attracted to two genders, that you shouldnt assume there ARE only two genders.
Basically, what I'm saying is, people push a false definition of bisexuality to justify their biphobia. Its bullshit that should be swiftly shut down.

I haven’t figured out discord still and I’m thinking it might become unpopular before I ever have to learn.

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#Pine64 has some pre #FOSDEM announcements.

Biggest one is the #PinebookPro.

14" 1080p display
**usb-c**, with power input and video output
#Rockchip #RK3399

and the usual laptop features. target price, US$199! I look forward to getting #OpenBSD running well on this #arm64 system.


As inspired by @violet 's VM name suggested by @ghendrix ..

I am not sorry.

Normal brain: man cave

Galaxy brain: brodoir

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