Lost one game of Saga Age of Magic commanding Dwarves as Masters of the Underearth vs Elves that shot us down with archery. Need to use some of the sneakier movement special rules in that list or better tactics & more shooty troops.

Besides Scots spears and Conan Picts, I've ground out some Mantic Terrain Crate field stone walls and gotten started on some Dwarves for adding variety to my Saga, Age of Magic Dwarves army, and starting undead from Conan for Saga AoM Undead.

Last Friday night was Pax Pamir, 2nd Ed. It's a good political boardgame with abstract military elements.

The minis group has been playing a lot of Saga 2lately. Played Anglo Danes three times and Irish most recently. Painting some guys for Saga lately too.

I finally got started on painting the minis in the Conan box in preparation for that BoL game, with 25 Picts and the swamp demon done.

Was reminded by the news of Gab invading mastodon that I hadn't been here in awhile.
I see you have it in hand.

My tabletop activity of late:
A couple weeks ago I ran a Barbarians of Lemuria session for friends and family with lots of props - 28mm minis, a boat, a jungle, a Ceratosaurus, etc. Hauled indoor props too, but ended up not using them. Wrapped an island around Rafael Chandler's "World of the Lost" module and plunked it down in uncharted waters east of the Pirate Isles.

We played the third game in the Dracula’s America campaign at Endgame. The shootout scenario makes for a quick and bloody game. I had to hire a Stitch Doctor at the end to transplant parts for my vampire boss’s accumulating wounds from losing again. My scenery, each of us provided his own posse.

Gaslands from Osprey rocks. Buy some (or dredge up your old) Hot Wheels cars, and if you are a modeler, add guns & spikey bits & crew, and play out Mad Max and Deathrace inspired races and skirmishes. Thematically, it's kind of like Car Wars but faster and funnier. Commitment can range from around $30 for the book and a few cars to whatever you want to spend to enlarge your fleet, get add on guns and crew, templates, custom dice, scenics etc. Thingiverse has a lot of 3d STL files for it.

Currently I'm in a couple regular games of D&D5e, and have run some Astonishing Swordsmen and Sorcerers of Hyperborea recently, and Barbarians of Lemuria also in the last year. My biggest hobby activities in time spent lately have been painting and modeling figures and scenery, and 3D printing scenery pieces, with D&D and skirmish games as targets. A fair amount of boardgaming also slots into the schedule.

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