Lately I've been busier on the birdsite than I'd like to be but, you know, promotion and shit 😁


We're launching next Tuesday, 28th of June.


Looks great! Probably gonna get the 5e version ♥

Although what's cool about OSE stats is that those stats are gonna work for RC, B/X, all kinds of older games👍🏻

@Sandra Thank you! And yeah, OSE has become the golden standard for old school, which is great. I was loosely using B/X before, as most peeps know it and can easily convert/improv stats for their ruleset of choice.


I really don't like OSE in and of itself but having an open-licensed, relatively faithful version of Moldvay is a very good thing ♥

All the other versions out there do their own thing and that's fantastic but we need (and now have) a lingua franca ♥
A short hand way to say "this works with all!"

@Sandra Exactly! I find OSE a bit tedious to work with: a lot of fiddly bits, all these saves, the treasure types... Things that IMO don't belong in a 21st century game, but 1/ history is preserved, 2/ it is all easily ignored at the table or during prep, and 3/ it is a great reference tool when you play other games!

Perfect example of why OSE is so necessary: we like/dislike different things about it ♥

I love those things that you listed, my fave osr games have tons of treasure types and saves ♥

@Sandra Haha! I'd never hit a nail on the head while blindfolded before =D

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