Imma check out Quest. I mean, I have all the rules lite games I need (and I keep making more), but 1) those sessions of Salvage Union, which is based off Quest, were really great, and 2) it is now free from the publisher's website so...

@e_eric - I very much like it; it is well-engineered for play-as-performance. Like, system prompting to mug it up, be dramatic, etc, etc, while being a nice bright fantasy setup.

@LeviKornelsen Oh, I wasn't aware of that aspect of it. I'm even more curious to dive in now!

@e_eric - Yeah, it's not loud or explicit in the text, but becomes obvious as you root around.

The creator's take was "I wrote it based on the rules people actually used and seemed like they needed in streaming".

@LeviKornelsen I've just had a quick browse before passing out last night. I'm not a fan of catalogues for character options, but the ones in Quest look like they're easy to choose from.

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